The Pleiadians are Watching with Intense Interest

The Pleiadians all come from the same Star System as we do; they know the impact of transitioning into, and out of, the Photon Belt. We call it Aquarian Energy, but it is a very disruptive energy.

The Pleiadians have been watching us as we approached this Light Energy; they have a base on the Far side of the Moon and a Flotilla of Ships out beyond Neptune.  They also keep a watchful eye on Nibiru, also known as Planet X, out beyond Pluto; Nibiru is the home planet of the Annunaki who live in the warm, hollow interior. Pleiadian ships, large and small, have been responsible for many thousands of UFO sightings, but the “crashes” have been Gray ships that were shot down by the Pleiadians

The Annunaki and the Gray races have been conquered by the Reptilian Overlords and used as Scouts and Allied development. The arrival of the Grays and Annunaki here, in this sector of the Universe, was tolerated by the Pleiadians until their Reptilian Overlord arrived and attacked the seven Pleiadian Home Worlds; in the initial attacks, the Reptilian Overlords successfully conquered and eradicated Pleiadian Humans on two of those home worlds in the Atlas and Maia Star Systems.

After epic space battles with the Reptilian Overlords, the Pleiadians drove them out of this sector of the Universe, at least for now. The home worlds in Atlas and Maia have been repopulated.

The Pleiadians came to Earth and interfered directly, which is against their Prime Directive, because the Annunaki, Grays and Reptilian Overlords had already done so. They destroyed the forces of the Reptilian Overlords here on Earth (or thought they did) and put down a Pleiadian Human landing party of 50,000 warrior/colonists in what we call Europe. Why there? Because the Annunaki had depopulated the area in their hunt for Neanderthal females to make slave peoples from; the Neanderthal people were the most advanced of the Earth Primates and made the best, administrative slaves. We call these administrative slaves Jews, today.

In their battles with the Reptilian Overlords, the Pleiadians maintained Space/Air Superiority and kept the Reptilian Forces here on Earth in their large, underground Hives. Eventually, the Pleiadians destroyed the four Hives that they knew about, but the Reptilians had a hidden, Hive, under the ice in Antarctica which they used to repopulate their five Hives from.

My point with this Post is to help you understand that Earth is considered to be an Enemy World by the Pleiadians. But, it is also considered to have Friendly Pleiadian Human populations. If it were not for these Pleiadians Humans on Earth, the Pleiadians would have dropped big space rocks on us a while ago. They would have destroyed the Reptilians-Primate Slave populations and repopulated Earth with Pleiadian Humans like they did in Atlas and Maia.

So…They are in a quandary; what to do? Fortunately, from their perspective, they do not have to do anything as Earth will be going through Major Changes related to the new, Photon Belt energies. I have written about these Earth Changes that are very near. Many of the Enemy Peoples will be destoyed by these impending Changes.

Why are they “Enemy” peoples? Because the Annunaki and Grays put Mind Control and the Hive Swarm DNA into their slave peoples. This is why there are so many people who are easily lead by the Politicians and a decided tilt towards “Big” Government in so many. The Pleiadians are not going to let these Enemy peoples leave the Planet; it is as simple as having the wrong DNA.

OK. I am going to switch gears and talk about the Darkest-of-the-Dark again. There is an entirely new paradigm being played out now; everyone with a 60% or more orientation towards Fear, Force and Control (Darkness) will be leaving; Light will sweep clean. This is the same group where most of the Reptilian-Primate slave peoples fit; those who survive will have more options.

The Pleiadians are well aware of the interplay between Light and Darkness during these transition periods (Photon Belt) and realize that circumstances may take care of their problem or at least make it more manageable.

The Pleiadians are amongst us; they are watching and waiting with great interest in our shared outcome.

Love, Light and Laughter,



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