Net Zero is Globalist driven!

We are all seeing the Globalists pushing for a wider war with Russia. They were all saying that we could not sanction Russian Oil and Gas; Europe had become too dependent on the Russians. They are pushing for Poland to send its Mig-29s to Ukraine to fight Russian jets; never mind that Russia would see that as an act of war by NATO.

Putin has claimed that the severe economic sanctions that were imposed on Russia are an act of war, but he is being ignored. 17,000 more anti-tank missiles and many additional anti-air have been shipped to Ukraine; these defensive weapons are destroying the Russian invasion plan. Russia is losing and 1000s of bodies are coming home. Russians were not told/sold on the Ukraine war beforehand and sanctions are crippling the Russian economy. Putin is in trouble in Ukraine and at home.

So, what has happened to Russia? The Ruble is toast; one pundit claimed that it was worth around one penny (USD) or less. That is 100 rubles per dollar. This is not just inflation, it is hyperinflation. Russians are rediscovering barter; they have no choice. What else? Naval warfare has broken out in the Black Sea; suddenly, all shipping has lost whatever insurance they had. Result? No commercial shipping will even sail to the Russian-Ukraine coasts; no grain or oil/gas shipments to the world. Never mind whether the US/EU/NATO sanctions Russian fuel, none of it is getting out via ship. That leaves the pipelines? Yes, but many of the pipelines have been damaged by destroying the pump stations and large sections of the pipe; Ukraine is trying to prevent Russia from selling its gas/oil to Europe. Makes sense, doesn’t it? So, all of a sudden, the West is going to sanction Russian oil and gas; that is political BS, they cannot get it anyway.

Suddenly, Europe is doing an about-face; everyone realizes that nuclear power must be turned on again. Yes, those coal mines will have to be reopened. Oh yes, they will have to drill for oil in the North Sea and allow fracking. What most people do not realize is that it takes time to turn on nuclear power plants again. Same for coal mines; got to have miners who know what they are doing. Traditional oil wells take years (several) to bring online; it’s not just the well, but the distribution infrastructure. The Greenies destroyed that.

Good news, if the politicians can be made to allow it, fracking can be brought online in less than a year; it is based on existing oil wells.

How did the West become so dependent on Russian oil/gas? Another great question, how did all of the manufacturing get sent to China? Or, how did all the vaccine and medical supply manufacturing get sent to China/India? This has all been part of the Great Reset plan; making the world totally dependent on global supply chains for food, fuel, heat, electricity, and essential goods. The entire bogus Global Warming/Change narrative was concocted to shut down nuclear/coal energy; it would force us to spend billions on unreliable sources of energy; yes, wind and solar. We did that but realized that we must supplement that Green Energy with Natural Gas from Russia. How did we get to be so STUPID? I know, we were sold on how fast the alternative technology was coming and bet the farm. Now, we are holding the empty bag.

I know, hard to believe. A small group of wealthy elites has actually been planning this for 100 years; we call them the World Economic Forum (WEF) today. Other names for them include Central Bankers, Rhodes Scholars, Bilderbergers, Trilateral Commission, and, generally, the Banksters. Yes, Davos too. Pay attention to who the young WEFer are; they are being groomed for future leadership roles, like Justin Trudeau.

What else is part of their plan? The entire pandemic to include the lockdowns, the vaccines, the vax passports, and, generally the massive medical tyranny. That shut down the economies of the planet and made the masses more dependent on government handouts; that is more control. What else? They took the guns away from most of us; the only place that anyone can buy a gun now is in the United States. It is still legal there, but they keep trying to take the guns away. Criminals and terrorists can get guns anywhere, but law-abiding people cannot.

If you are in Ukraine now, you can get all the guns that you could want; the authorities are handing them out by the dozens with massive amounts of ammunition. All of a sudden, borders matter, even to the Globalist EU/ECB.

Let’s not forget the Multinational Corporations; they are all owned/controlled by the Globalists. They have no allegiance to any nation and push open immigration to keep labor costs down; never mind the destruction of culture/tradition/religions. The political landscape has changed to address this; it is no longer labor versus capitalist, it is Globalist versus Populist.

The Great Reset was formulated around the use of Emergency Powers to dictate what people had to do and how they had to do it. Even peaceful protests like in Canada were crushed by massive state force; dictators must be obeyed. Millions of people heard about vaccine dangers, but were forced to get vaxxed twice and then boosted twice more; what ever happened to the right to choose?

Fortunately, the pandemic has died down and people have realized (or are starting to) the degree of freedom they have given up in the name of safety. The tyranny came out into the open and far too many people began to be awakened. Those still asleep we call Woke. Many “movements” of the 20th Century were inspired by the One Worlders or Globalists who expected to be in charge. One of their underlying tenants is that we have too many people; too many useless mouths. Look up the Georgia Stones (the state) where they proclaim that Earth can only support 500 million people; we have 7,000 million people (or more). Wide acceptance of abortion and the pandemic were both outgrowths of this philosophy. These Evil People are still planning to get us down to 500 million; think about that.

Back to Net-Zero. This makes no sense at all. It continues to force the West to keep investing in wind and solar. Meanwhile, we are not allowed to invest in new/more oil and gas wells. Result? More and more dependence on imported energy and much more costs to the average consumer. Fracking is banned as it is improved technology for pulling more gas and oil out of the ground and using your own energy.

As we are all watching, if something unexpected, like a war, happens, the Globalist Plan gets disrupted. It is not going as they planned it. Now, nuclear and coal are being embraced again; of necessity. Yes, we will keep the wind and solar farms going because of the great sunk costs; alternative energy is free after massive investments in infrastructure but has not proven to be reliable.

Again, I will go back to the Energy Shifts that are happening on our planet; we are just now, moving into the Age of Aquarius. It has far better energies than our recent past Ages; much more love, freedom, choice, truth, and much less fear, force, and control. The Globalists are going to hate it.

Even though we are moving into these new energies, we will be moving into great changes that will be difficult for all of us. Still, we have much to look forward to.

Love, Light and Laughter,



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