The Changes are Here; not all Nice

Russia invaded Ukraine. None of that is what any of us would call positive. Russia has committed 92% of its Army to the fighting in Ukraine; that is astonishing; it appears to be losing. OMG, what if Ukraine defeats the Russians?

Russia has around 90 million people mostly in the “European” part of Russia; Ukraine has 45 million. Russia has an economy the size of one US State (Texas); $2 Trillion; think Austria in Europe. Russia is important for the oil/gas and wheat it exports; also other things like potash (for growing food). But Russia is a small economic power and can collapse easily; what happens if Russia breaks apart?

OK. What happened? Russia got sanctioned much more than it thought; they cannot sell (or buy) things from the world. That means gas, oil, wheat, and potash, among others. Their currency is getting worthless and Russians have had to go back to bartering to survive. Even worse, an Estonian ship was sunk; that means that no one can collect insurance on lost ships. That means that the Russians and Ukrainians cannot ship wheat to the world; no ships to carry it. That also applies to oil and gas and potash. This will apply to any shooting war around China; it will end all imports/exports. What would that do to Vietnam, Korea, and Japan; Holy Sh.t!

The last time the Russians stopped shipping wheat was in 2010. Much of the Russian wheat goes to the Middle East; wheat got 3 times more expensive (300%) and the world got the ‘Arab Spring.” This going to be even worse.  The significance of Potash is that it is a commercial fertilizer and Russia/Ukraine supplies most of it to the world. The Chinese supply another key fertilizer ingredient; they have stopped shipping it. The third key ingredient is nitrogen; it comes from natural gas. So, it’s not just the flow of wheat across borders, the world is losing its ability to grow a lot of food.

So……., we are not just going into an energy crisis, but a food one as well. Stock up. For Russia, it is going to go from bad to worse; China has stopped buying coal, oil, and gas; SWIFT sanctions. The ruble is falling so quickly in value, Russians will be happy to take Yuan, but that will take time. The Chinese are already in a food and energy crisis; the pandemic has shut down Chinese exports and they do not have the dollars to buy food, coal, oil, natural gas, or iron ore. China lost most of its pig herd to Swine Flu and has acquired much of the world’s grain supply to rebuild the herd. The cost of food is going to sky-rocket.

The world has already changed hugely. China and Russia are both failed states and will soon be of little consideration. India has flipped-flopped and lost the trust of the West. NATO has been revived and will be the basis for a European security plan moving forward. The US has refocused on Europe (away from China) at least for now. The Chinese military has watched the Russian failure in Ukraine and realized that Taiwan would be a similar disaster for them.

What’s going to happen to Russia? Russia does not have the industry to support a continuing war effort; the logistics/supplies (food, fuel, ammo, and spare parts) are not there. Putin will be deposed soon and a new democracy may emerge. Much of their coal, natural gas, and oil revenue will be used to pay reparations to Ukraine. Russia will cease to be a threat; it will have a tough time hanging on to its borders.

The world order has collapsed; the two new poles are collapsing (Russia and China). But also, Globalism has collapsed; industry/manufacturing is being re-shored very rapidly. India will not become the new factory of the world. The EU is also collapsing; they are trying to make it a superstate, but the 27 (or less) will not allow it. With Russia gone and so many different national priorities, the EU and NATO will have difficulties in surviving. Germany has not adjusted to technologies and depends on exports of cars that are not electric; it has also resisted the digitization revolution. Germans were stuck between two difficult choices; natural gas and oil from Russia or exports to the United States and Europe; they tried to sit on the fence, but have come out the loser in both.

The WEF Great Reset, which is Globalism 2.0, is also collapsing. The Plandemic has failed; their medical tyranny has not lasted. The EU cannot survive the sudden expansion/success of Britain and the German/French power grab; again, Russia is going/gone. Supply chains are being reset back. When the US stops patrolling/protecting the Persian Gulf (soon), the free flow of oil/natural gas will cease and become much more expensive (on top of the Pipeline/Pumping Station/Black Sea issues). What happens when the Saudis and Iranians start shooting at each other? Oil tankers?

In just two years, our world has changed incredibly. We all know what tyranny is and are all getting a taste of what WAR is again. We are all getting a taste of what massive inflation is; food, gasoline, natural gas, coal, etc. We all know what supply chain shortages are. Our world has changed for the worse; it is not the same world that we have become used to. Much of our population are old and retired; they are very valuable as they know so much. Someone will need to watch/educate the children while we all work to survive.

This is not the time to do things alone; begin building a group around you that you trust and can depend on. Stock up on food that does not need refrigeration/freezing. Buy lots of candles/tea lights while you can. Move out of the cities; it takes time to build trust in small cities/towns. Start thinking about more changes coming at you; they are coming closer/here.

Food shortages always create mass movements of people. Mass movements, in turn, create pushback against refugees, especially if they are different. This is not going to be pretty.

Earth Changes are coming. They will be larger and more impactful than the changes described above.

Learn how to check your six; situational awareness. Be on the lookout for dangers; the world is much less safe. Become more prepared.

Love, Light and Laughter,


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