New Capabilities

As an American, I grew up with the notion that we could, at least some of us, have super powers. I loved SuperMan with his X-Ray Vision that could also be used to heat things up. I was thinking about the movie versions that I have seen of both SuperMan and Green Lantern and what the message was for me.

One of the insights that I received this morning is the notion that we can use our vision as an emitter as well as a receiver. Most of us are totally clueless about how things really work in the world; take seeing, for instance. When we “look” at something and put our “focus” on it, we send a visual representation of ourselves to a point halfway to that object or person. That object or person also sends a visual representation of themselves to us at the halfway point and there is an exchange of visual representations that gets processed in our brains.

Wait a second, you are saying, at least for “seeing”, that everything has a certain amount of awareness; it must, to be able to send visual signals to everything around it (from all angles). Yes, we are all One at certain levels.

OK. You can believe me, or not, but let’s move forward with the premise. What if we can also use our eyes as transmitters of our Chi/Xi? What if we can send signals out like an X-Ray or Sonar or Radar and wait for the return?  What if we can send a Laser Beam out through our eyes? That would be a version of the Heat Ray that SuperMan has.

Let’s take this a bit further. Just as vision is viewed as a passive event, which I just explained is not so, voice is viewed as an active event. We transmit our voices out of our mouths to communicate.

Some of us have more power/powre in our voices than others; some are louder, some have more range, some have higher or lower pitches. As an example, Hitler had the power to mesmerize his audiences; this was a voice power.

What if, like the Laser Beam in our eyes, we could take voice powre and put it in a tight beam that was inaudible? Would that be a way to use our active voice powre kinetically? What a concept and the answer that I am getting internally is YES to both the vision and voice.

OK. How does one go about turning these new powres on? Easy answer, set your intention; that is how you create. This is an entirely new notion for most, if not all, but now, you can create these new powres if you choose.

Have fun with this. I am going to use it to break up a cataract in my right eye. Why not? If I can transmit out, it is the same approach as using ultrasound to break it up by transmitting inward. Who knows, I may even be able to generate a beam of ultrasound to do it from within. It all depends on how much you are willing to limit yourself.

Love, Light and Laughter,


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