Right-Spin Energy is Something NEW

For thousands of years Humans have been talking about Light and Darkness, Good and Evil or Good and Bad or Right and Wrong or Angels and Demons and most of us have tried to be on the Light or Good or Right or on the side of the Angels.

OK. Now, we have entered Aquarian Energies and I have written about the Light taking over. While that is true, the Light has taken over, there is a more profound shift that is occurring; Right-Spin is a discreet energy that is coming into its own powre.

Many of us have watched Bill O’Reilly talk about the spin stopping and we all know what “Spin Doctors” do in the Media; they obfuscate or confuse or just plane lie.

What is Right-Spin energy? Next time you watch the weather and they talk about a High Pressure system, it spins clockwise or to the Right. Similarly, Low Pressure systems spin counter-clockwise or to the Left. This tells us that there are, and have been all along, these two types of energy in everything. What I am saying is that EVERYTHING is composed of a combination of Left-Spin and Right-Spin energies; rocks, plants, water, air, animals and Humans. In the weather systems above, Low Pressure systems bring wind and rain and High Pressure systems bring sunshine and warm, dry air; both are absolutely essential for the Earth to be fruitful. Same with the Left- and Right-Spin in Humans; both of these energies must be present; we call our Left-Spin energy Demons and see the synergy with Darkness (fear, force, control and resistance-to-change) and our Right-Spin energy Angels and see the synergy with Light (freedom, choice, truth, love, and change-for-the-better).

So…there are animals that are oriented more towards Left-Spin than Right-Spin? Yes, Killer Whales, Tiger Sharks and Bull Sharks are definitely more Left-Spin, same with Coyotes and most pest types insects (ants, termites, roaches, mosquitoes, etc.). Most creatures that live in Hives are Left-Spinners, but the Honey Bee is an exception; Killer Bees are definitely Left-Spinners.

What about Humans? Most Humans, because we are so smart, have chosen to be born with a strong Left-Spin orientation. Why? Because Darkness, which is also Left-Spin, has been the dominant energy on the Planet for the past 6,480 years and the vast majority of us have decided we wanted our lives easier and went with the dominant power.

Is it possible to be 50/50? Yes, but most people chose to be 60/40 or higher and people who want to take advantage of the dominant power orient themselves in the 80-99 percent range; where do you think most of the $Billionaires come from?

Right-Spin powre is being empowred on April 1st, 2015. How is Right-Spin powre different than the Light taking over? The Light is taking over broadly, kind of at 10,000 feet and the excesses of Darkness are being handled, but with a lot of averaging.  Conversely, Right-Spin energy will be available to drill down and take on Darkness very specifically, like getting rid of very Dark Assholes who are still making too much trouble.

With Right-Spin energy, people like Obama, the leaders of ISIS/ISIL, the leaders of Iran can all be sent “Home” early. The strategy is called “decapitation” and, somehow, fits the present circumstances well.

Love, Light and Laughter,


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