New Templates allow better choices

Earlier today, I posted a way to improve your health by changing how your Insulin works. As part of that post, I realized that changing your Insulin was a new capability for those of us who are strong in the Light.

I live in the tropics and am much loved by every Mosquito (really Mosquita) that happens to be anywhere near me.


Today, I asked if there was anyway that I could stop attracting the Mosquitas and got a big, loud YES. Hmmm, the implications were Huge. After that conversation, I have not been bitten by a Mosquita in several hours even though they are around me.

My next question was about attracting Money. I got an equally loud YES and asked about SUCCESS, SEX, WOMEN, HEALTH, YOUTHFULNESS and POWRES. I got YESES for all of them. I, then, asked if these changes in my physical body programming were now possible only because the Aquarian Light Templates were now active, even if only partially powred-up?

Again, I got a big, loud YES.

If you know you are strong in the Light, this is the time to go in and change your Physical Body programming; the FORCE is with You.

The Shift of the Ages has just begun, finally.

Love, Light and Laughter,


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