You can Turn-Off your Insulin Production

I have been writing about the new, Aquarian Light Templates; they are in place and powering-up.

All of the new templates were fully installed on November 22nd and will be powered-up fully on December 22nd of this year (2014).

This morning I was guided to a video that talked about Insulin as the producer of fat; that is its primary function in the body. The entire intent of this video was to sell me information about foods that shut-down the production of Insulin to allow my body to burn it’s already stored fat and to stop producing more fat. So, at the end of the video, I asked my Spirit Guide if I was supposed to buy this information? I got a loud NO and started asking more questions.

I am being told that Insulin production is an optional thing in the new templates. I am being told that I can install a program to limit production of Insulin to only when my body fat falls below three (3) percent. I can also limit Insulin spikes entirely by allowing the Insulin to restore any needed fat gradually, at low levels.

I am not overweight, but am not slim and trim either. Insulin does more than make us fat; it also drives how much energy we have; it sucks all of the energy from our food into making fat and leaves our bodies feeling low on energy. You know, that feeling before coffee in the morning.

What does this mean? With this new, internal program, I can eat carbohydrates, which means sugars, without producing a normal “sugar spike” in Insulin that diabetics measure as an A!C spike. By changing my Insulin program, I can eat whatever I want without triggering a make fat response in my body; this is a wonderful piece of news.

My suggestion is to have an Internal Conversation with your Self and see if you, too, can change this debilitating program. Think about it, we all know people who can eat anything and stay slim and trim. How do they do it? Simple, they already have programmed their Insulin production to be zero or low.

When you change this Insulin program, you will begin to lose weight and inches rapidly as you will not be making fat anymore. If you do not trust your Self, Google foods that limit the production of Insulin, like Kale or do both.

Have fun with this.

Love, Light and Laughter,


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