One of My New Powres is Healing

On the day after Christmas, I went snorkeling in St John; I wore some sneakers that I had not worn in a while without socks and got a blister. I did not realize how bad it was until I took the shoes off and a flap of skin came out.

I thought, oh well, some silver solution (colloidal silver) should take care of it and applied it. Normally, this works all of the time, but did not this time. My left big toe got inflamed and red and I started drinking more silver solution.  This has kept the infection from getting out of control, but did not cure it.

I asked my Spirit Guide what was going on and was told that I had an anti-biotic resistant bacteria that some call a “flesh-eating” bacteria; it was even somewhat resistant to the silver. This was a serious, life-threatening infection that came out of nowhere (now-here).

So…After nearly a month of worrying about an infected big toe, I asked if there was an energetic component to this infection and could I deal with it myself. Normally, healers cannot heal themselves; they must use a third-party. The insight that I got next is HUGE; chronic infection and pain are a kind of energy like money; they are real and we experience them, but we cannot wrap our arms around them or contain them.

After getting this insight, I asked if I could pull this chronic infection out of my body and got a big Yes. I programmed a tool to do this and it worked immediately.  Within a hour, the background pain was gone and within three hours, the toe was, finally, back to normal.

I have had a bone-on-bone condition in my right knee since 1993; I had arthroscopic surgery to remove any remnants of cartilage and have been living with it ever since. I have had long periods of almost normal usage (but no impacts) and other times, with significant pain.

So… I thought if my new Healing tool can remove chronic infection, it may be able to remove chronic pain and used it on my knee. What followed was very interesting; the chronic pain released in layers going back to 1973 when I first injured the knee in a flag-football game. My right knee is totally free of pain for the first time in years.

I am told, internally, that my right knee can, now, begin to heal itself.

Anyway, I have a tool that is programmed exclusively to me where I can pull chronic pain and infection out of people.  I haven’t tried it yet, but am told that cancer is just another form of chronic pain/infection and is an energy that can be pulled from people with this tool.

So…What to do with this new capability? I was prompted to put this post up and offer my energetic healing services to you or anyone you know who needs them.

I live in St Thomas, in the US Virgin Islands. Contact me at and I will tell you whether I can (try to) heal you or not; some things we bring on ourselves as part of our path which no healer can cure.

I am not offering any guarantees; St Thomas is a beautiful place to visit, even if you are sick. Alternatively, I will travel to you if you pay my expenses.

Love, Light and Laughter,


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