Bubonic Plague making a Comeback

Bubonic plague outbreak kills 32 in Madagascar

Google it yourself, apparently this killer has killed many of us at least three times in the past.

Beware! The pandemics have just started. The Black Death will stalk the Earth again.

What can you do to protect yourselves?  Plague is spread from one rodent to another by fleas, and to humans either by the bite of infected fleas or when handling infected hosts.

By rodent, they are talking about Rats. You must eliminate the rat population around you. Yes, having a few cats around is a great idea, but the best way to eliminate rats is to use a tiny amount of gasoline or petrol, say one drop per gallon, in water. Put the water out where rats are known to be; the Rats will drink this water and drop dead almost immediately. The small amount of gasoline is deadly to rats, but not to other mammals like cats and dogs.

When I say gasoline, I mean “normal” gasoline that you put in your cars, boats or lawnmowers and the kind, called “white” gasoline that is used to fuel model airplanes/aeroplanes, This discovery was made using “white” gas.

Why is this Plague bacteria coming back? It is resistant to our antibiotics. Keep colloidal silver around to treat any infections. If you want to make your own, easily, check out my Silver Solution book on Amazon Kindle; no electrolysis needed.


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