Pushing through the “Still” Point

A couple of posts ago, I shared the Corner Discussion and discussed the importance of the actual point in the corner; it is the “Still” point, but also the Zero Point of all Energy (ZPE), the Quantum point and, most importantly, the place where you can connect with Spirit, who is the Creator of the Multi-verse, not just some tiny planet.

I suggested that you put your awareness into a corner, imaginary or actual, and push towards the corner to get to your Still Place.  In an earlier post, Visual Meditation, I describe how I got rid of my Monkey Mind with all of its distractions.

You are pushing your awareness towards the corner until you break through and get to your Still Place. This is an important realization or completion as it sets you up for further breakthroughs.

I have described various Powers that Newmen and Newomen will be getting in this new energy. Whether you think of it as Aquarian Energy or Right-Spin Energy, new Powers will be coming to everyone who is able to stay here. Whatever your level, pushing through the Still Point is the best way for most of us to access these other Powers.  To do so, you must be able to push yourself into your Still Place first.  Once there, you can achieve more push throughs to access these other Powers.

One Power many of us will have is the ability to Jump as in the Movie “Jumper.” Another is Teleporting, which is the ability to move things from point A to point B or to Point Z. These are non-linear, vector Powers.  To access these powers, you must start working on Pushing into the Still Point and then pushing beyond that.

This is my first “How-to” on gaining access to more Powers. All of us are Creators, but there are many levels of Creating abilities.  Many of us will still be in the Fire Being stage where we have Adept powers or Vertical Master or Horizontal Master or Mahatma powers.  There are many thousands of us who have transformed themselves into Earth Beings which have six degrees of power; Keeper, Grower, Miner, Smelter, Builder and Transformer.

Each of these degrees of power has sub-degrees.  Fire Beings have 4 sub-degrees for each of the four main degrees.  Each Earth Being power has 9 sub-degrees. Many of us have done the hard lifting in many previous lives and can breeze through many of these sub-degrees and degrees.

That is why all of those who stay here on Earth will have a very extended lifetime in a youthful body. The purpose of all of us here is to find a way to advance on this Newman and Newoman Path towards transformation back to the One.

There is lots for all of us; after Earth Being, there is Air Being, Water Being and, finally, Spirit Being. Do not be dismayed about the number of sub-degrees and degrees. All of us will find inSights that allow us to Jump ahead.

Love, Light and Laughter,


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