The Pleiadians will be Landing/Announcing their Presence Soon

I just finished a lengthy comment related to my post about the Pleiadians being Amongst Us. Please read that: .The Pleiadians are Amongst Us . And yes, another comment discussed the Pleiadian involvement in our politics. Remember, Pleiadians are Europeans and Europeans are Pleiadians.

What a lot of Earth people do not understand is that the Reptilian Overlords (like Raptors in Jurassic Park) invaded and eradicated the Pleiadian people on two of their seven worlds. For the past 10,000 years, the Pleiadians have been fighting for their very existence against the Reptilians Overlords and their allies, the Greys and Annunaki. During the past several thousands years, they have been actively watching over us and their expanding warrior-colonist populations.

There has been a lot of discussion about creating a new branch of the US Military called US Space Forces.  Be sure, it has already been done. Go to YouTube and search for the 12 USS Space Cruisers that are already operational. They are operating with the Pleiadians on the Moon and in the Asteroid Belt. Their mission is, in part, to keep the Annunaki from returning to Earth and creating political chaos. BTW, there is a German base on the Dark Side of the Moon as well.  They are fully integrated with the Pleiadians and have 6 Space Cruisers of their own.

They, the Moon Germans, have claimed ownership of the Moon and the Pleiadians will be heavily involved in the adjudication of that claim.  Same for the Asteroid Belt.

The Pleiadians already know that the secrecy of their presence is unraveling and they need Earth to step up to defending herself as their Starships are needed elsewhere.

We, on Earth, have many things, especially technology, to trade with the Pleiadian Federation of Planets. They are ahead of us in Space Technology, but we are far ahead in computing and communications technologies.

In other posts, I have spoken about the shift in energy/power going on this years. By August 15th, just 4 months from now, Light/Right-Spin energies will have 80% of the power in this world and among the Pleiadians worlds. Fear, Force and Control will only have 20%.

We are not alone in the Local Universe or the MultiVerse (9 Universes).  We are losing our fear and it is time to embrace our destiny in the Stars.

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