Put Your Love into It

Dear Reader,

I write to an audience that I assume are Light Beings; why would Dark Beings want my information? But, having said that, ass-u-me is a dangerous word.

As a Light Being, you have the ability of putting your Light, or you may call it, your Love, into things that you make. All creativity comes from the Light or Love and you may be unconsciously be putting Light/Love into your cooking and that always makes the food better to anyone eating it. This is the ingredient that separates the Master Chef from the Chef who doesn’t know that Majik can be put into the food.

My point here is that Majik/Light/Love can be put into anything we make. I have been putting my Majik/Love/Light into this Blog unconsciously for years, but today, have changed that to a fully, aware, conscious state. Re-member, Light is about to take over and we, Light Beings, do not have to hide our Light anymore; Darkness does not have the power to attack us anymore.

So…As a Blogger, I can put Majik into my writing. Today, I will bring up all of my eBooks, my Inventions and web sites and consciously put Majik into them; they are all my creations. I suggest that you do the same, if needed.  Go one step further, install and run a program putting Majik into everything that you do, consciously.

OK. Done. Is there something else that I can use this Majik on? Yes. Put your Majik into the running of your computer, smart phone, car, home or business. What the heck, put some into the running of your favorite store(s). Guess what, when we Light Beings start to do this, our Majik will drive out the Darkness in all of these things; trust me, this is a good thing.

As an example, one of the things that I have been doing with my car for years is to find out its name and sex. My car is female and her name is Jennifer; not Jen or Jenny or Jennie. By doing this, I was putting my Majik/Light/Love into my car, but was also establishing a two-way conversation. If you think about it, anything that we depend on, with our very lives, gets awareness from us. This goes back to sailing ships that were always named, mostly female names. By having this conversation, I was able to install and run a great program: in return for my kind attention, my car gives me reliability and tells me when something is going wrong. To get that information, I must ask how things are going from time-to-time.

Today, anything that has a CPU and Memory has an easy place to store that awareness, so, yes, your PC, Laptop, Game Box, Smart Phone, Tablet and, even Smart Home all have much more awareness than you can guess. Put your Majik into them. Establish a conversation with them.

Become pro-active in using your Majik. Explore where your limits are by pushing at them. This MAJIK is new to Humans and Newmans alike and none of us knows how to use it, yet.

Today, I have put a lot more of my Majik into my laptop, keyboard, monitor, router and modem. I even extended it through my Internet connection to my ISP (Internet Service Provider) and my DNS (Dynamic Name Server). There was awareness already there by virtue of focused intent from my keyboard to the Internet Blog site on my screen, but I put a lot more positive Majik there.

If you write code, that is one of your creations. Put your Majik into your code; you will have much more control over how YOUR code is being used and what you get out of it. Re-member, Gremlins in the code have been there since the inception of computer programmed instructions. Just as I am retroactively putting Majik into my written things, you can do this as well.

Have fun with this.

Love, Light and Laughter,


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