Big Changes Coming in January and Throughout 2015

This is a mix of old information and some new. I’ve written about the new templates and how they will be fully empowred on December 22nd. That is still true, but what about the Light changes that we are seeing around us; how does that work?

I’ve written about the creation of the United States of American and Australia; they were both creations of Light and even though Light only had 20 percent of the powre, it could save it up for important projects. This is an important concept, because Darkness will be forced to adopt this strategy now that it is in the permanent minority of 33 percent.

What Light did was to “embed” Light into the land masses of both the United States and Australia. This could be done as both of these land masses were relatively empty of people, and more importantly, forceful Darkness. This embedded Light was used to attract “Light” people and to established “free” societies. Light knew that Darkness would do everything it could to destroy these two “Light” civilizations and it would have a bit more than 200 years to do so. Light knew that Earth would be entering the Photon Belt/Aquarian Age in 2012 and would have at least 67 percent of the powre by the end of 2014.

A rather large amount of Light was embedded to counteract the expected efforts of Darkness to destroy these new creations. As an example of what I am talking about, both of these countries have been set up as Republics, but have degenerated into Democracies where one man or woman had one vote. These is always a problem with Democracies on any Planet; it is called the lowest common denominator.

There are always Makers and Takers in any society and politicians will always gravitate to those in “need,” who are not self-reliant and demand increased government services/programs. This is the major problem in the United States now, too many people who are Takers living off the Makers; it is roughly about 50/50 percent. I am told that recently, the Australians had a similar problem and decided to fix it; they passed a law giving everyone at least one vote, but if you had a college degree, you got a second vote; and, if you had served in the military, you got another vote; and, if you owned a business or land, you got another vote. I think that everyone can have as many as five or six votes depending on what they have accomplished.  Here is the kicker, if you are on some form of public assistance, you lose your vote until you are off the welfare or food stamps or whatever. The Takers have lost their votes; what a concept.  You ask, how the hell did the Australians get that law passed and implemented? The quick answer is the “embedded” Light.

OK. Does the United States still have some embedded Light to draw upon? Yes, but not much, but enough to start making “change-for-the-better” changes quickly.  That is OK, as Light will be fully powred as of December 23rd and Light will begin replacing Darkness as the primary Force in 2015. What has been happening since June 1st is the establishment of the new Light templates, which took three months (June, July and August) and the gradual powring up over September, October and November. During these months, the powre ratio between Darkness and Light was 50 percent each; this is how the positive changes have been allowed to be made. You say, “What about ISIS?” Light did not embed any Light in the Middle East; Darkness is running amok there and we are all seeing it. Is there “embedded” Light in Europe? Yes, but it was transferred into Europe from both the United States and Australia during the hot and cold wars of the 20th Century. This was always part of Light’s Plan for the on-going Shift of the Ages. There is a huge struggle going on for Europe now, the forces of Darkness, the Muslims, are in a war of domination with the Christian West (the forces of Light). Fortunately, the West is beginning to wake up and realize they are in a deadly struggle. It is fortunate that Light was able to embed enough Light to hold the forces of Darkness at bay until 2015. People do not realize it, but many Public Officials/Leaders have converted to Islam. In the United States, Barack Obama is a Muslim as is the Head of the CIA and several Cabinet positions; this explains a lot, doesn’t it?

What is going to happen to the Dark Lands? I have written about that as well; many of them will sink into the ocean with huge loss of life. Those that aren’t sunken, will be purged of their Dark peoples. This sounds like a catastrophe for Humanity, but it just another Natural Cycle; the Dark peoples have had 80 percent of the Power in our world for 6,482 years; that is a very long time. They have had 90 percent of the money, wealth, perks, success and, generally, their own way for longer that we have had recorded history. Whoops, now they are getting the short end of the stick! Wonderful!!! That means that Light peoples will now get 90 percent of the money, wealth, perks, success and, generally, their own way. There is an very, very, old saying, “What comes around, goes around.”

Love, Light and Laughter,



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