Shift in Axis/Orbit Spin

In my last post, I explained that we were all going to be having a SHTF moment coming soon. We are already having a sudden drop in the strength of the Magnetic Field and that means we are also having a sudden increase in the level of Cosmic Rays. It also means that the mechanism for keeping the jet streams where they are “normally” located is diminishing, rapidly, as well.

The rapidly increasing Cosmic Rays mean rapidly increasing volcanic and earthquake activity on land and under the sea. It also means more cloud activity; that means making things cooler. It also means very high wind speeds; Hurricane winds where they should not be. It also means sudden, loud, electrical explosions and ball lightening in the sky during the day and night.

The Jet Streams in both the Northern and Southern Hemispheres are untethered and will tend to bring frigid polar air downward. We will be getting much more rain and snow. When the snow melts, soon, we will experience more severe flooding. The crops are not getting planted into the ground until late. The problem is that the cold will be coming much sooner and the crops will not ripen or freeze before harvest. This is particularly true in Canada, the Mid-to-Northern United States, the Ukraine and Southern Russia. China is moving to take all of the food that can be grown in Africa; food conflict coming.

The other major problem is that areas that used to be wet, will now be dry or drier and vice versa. We are seeing huge amount of rain fall into/onto the driest parts of our planet. In North America, in most of the Sourthwest of the US, it will become farmland with enough rain to grow crops and it will be South enough to avoid freezing the food before harvest. This includes the desert areas of California, Arizona, New Mexico and Texas. Same for the Northern Mexico Sonoran desert; it will become wet enough (those Jet Streams) to grow lots of food. In Europe, Iraq and Syria will become the food growing belt. In the Middle East, southern India and Myanmar will be the food growing belt. In Asia, Vietnam, Cambodia, Malaysia and Thailand will be the food growing belt.

OK. After the Magnetic Reversal, we will be rotating on our axis in a Clockwise Manner; what does that mean? We will be spinning to the RIGHT. Are you Laughing? Do you think, maybe, that this is some sort of accident? Right-Spin energy is taking over right now and it will be like a “new broom sweeping clean” to all things Left-Spin. All of the STUFF that we will be going through will be a “Cleansing” of our Planet to get rid of Dark/Left-Spin energy as quickly as possible. That means most of the Left-Spin people; if you are a Right-Spinner or in the Middle, you will survive. It will not be fun, but you will make it.

Moloch, the Ancient God of Child Sacrifice – Google and read several sites. This may be called a Canaanite God, but has been brought forward to the now as the hidden, primary God of the Jews and Mohammadans (secret name of Allah). Moloch is the archetype of Satan.

Everyone is hearing about Sex Trafficking and Child Trafficking in the news. It is not quite blaring, but is getting louder. We are reading and hearing about Pedos being prosecuted. We are also hearing about our elites being involved in Satanic events. This is Right-Spin energy working; it is bringing things long held in complete Darkness into the Light. Moloch, is an ancient God who demands child sacrifice from his believers. His symbol is what we call the Star of David (it has nothing to do with David). It is the symbol of the modern State of Israel. Many, if not most, of the people in power in our world (yes, everywhere) are enablers, followers or true believers of Moloch. They kidnap or buy children, abuse them sexually, kill them ritually and, then, eat them. Moloch is the primary Jewish God. Does anyone ever wonder what could get an entire people thrown out of most of the countries of Europe, sequentially; Moloch and missing children are the answer.

Lest anyone think I am beating up on the Jews, I am, but the real, secret name of Allah, is Moloch. Islam, the Mohammadans, or, the worshippers of Allah, are just as guilty. OK, let’s talk about the Catholic Church; they, too, are heavily involved in Moloch and have been for thousands of years. Many, if not most, priests are pedos and the church has been a great enabler. This also applies, to perhaps a lesser degree, to the Seventh Day Adventists and Mormons. Main stream Protestant sects are, perhaps, not Guilty. If you wonder why you were never religious; at some level, you knew.

Many of our leaders have, literally, sold their souls to Moloch/Satan. What have they gotten? Riches and Power and Immunity from their Evil: think Hillary. All of these evil, disgusting people are among the very Darkest-of-the-Dark or strongest Left-Spinners; they will be leaving in great numbers starting in April, 2019. Do not be surprised, they are everywhere.

Love, Light and Laughter,


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