How to Red Pill YourSelves

Many of you will know what I am talking about; the ability to see through the Illusions of the Matrix (See Matrix movies). The issue is taking a Red Pill to see the underlying, illusion-free reality or taking the blue pill to stay in the illusion or, even, amplify the illusion.

Isn’t it interesting that Red is the color of the political Right and Blue is the color of the Lefties, aka Left-Spinners (I am writing as an American). The Deep State is very Left-Spin; all about Fear, Force and Control.

Today, I am going to tell you how to Red Pill yourselves without having to take a pill; that is a Big Pharm, very Left-Spin approach. What is the primary issue here; the essence of the problem for all of us stuck in the Matrix? We are stuck in a series of overlapping illusions that we must dissolve before we can begin to see the underlying, “what is” reality.

The issue is all about external Authorities. We are taught, by the Deep State, Everywhere, that we must subsume our Internal Guidance, or what we Know to be True or Correct or Right, to that of our Government, the State, the Courts, Big Medicine/Pharm, Big Business, Big Education, Big Media, Big Social Media, etc. It is these External Authorities that have worked hard, all of our lives, to enslave us in their web of illusions. Think about Public School; its primary function is to “socialize” us, not educate us. This has now been extended to politically correct colleges and universities which are being used to financially enslave us, as well.

Are you ready to take the Red Pill? If so, here is the way; connect to your Internal Guidance/Spirit Guide/God-Self.

Look up Kinesiology on the web and read through several pages. You will find that the Medical Community is now using it as a feedback mechanism on your own health; you go into a Doctors office and someone, frequently, the doctor, asks you to put out your arm and he/she places their hand on it and asks a series of health questions mentally. What they are doing is muscle-testing you; if your arms drops, even slightly, the answer is a no and if your arm stays steady, that is a Yes. You do not know what the questions were, but the doctor is getting answers from your body about your health.

OK. This may work for a doctor or nurse, but how do I use this mySelf? When I first started using this technique to talk to mySelf, I used both hands. I formed a circle with my thumb and forefinger on both hands. I interlocked them and pulled them apart. If the circle came apart easily; that was a No. If the circle did not come apart; that was a Yes.

I could use this anywhere; in business meetings, on a date, to ask about investments, to ask about my health, to ask about whether someone new in my life was “good” or “bad” for me or, generally, what to do now. I could always get my Internal Guidance on any topic.

I found that the two hands technique did not work so well when I was driving and switched to a single hand technique. Take your thumb and touch your forefinger. Press them together lightly. Now ask your question. A good question to ask is “This” my first name? A Yes is the thumb and forefinger staying firmly together. A No is the thumb and forefinger sliding away from each other. This is the same muscle-testing that the doctor does, but, it uses your hand. Using this one-handed approach can be used anywhere unobtrusively, just put you hand under the table or behind your back or down, next to your leg. Again, you can ask any question, at any time.

I still use the one-handed technique, but have evolved it to the best muscle-testing technique for me, and, for most people. I was guided to start paying attention to my head nods and shakes; even minute, imperseptible ones. Everyone of us are nodding and shaking our heads all of the time; we just do not tune into it. It is our Inner Beings talking to us. TUNE INTO IT; a nod is a Yes and a shake is a No. To calibrate this, ask your first name question again. Then ask if your Inner Being wants to have a full-up, two-way conversation with you? This is a great question no matter what muscle-testing technique is used.

Some of us are more intuitive than others. Women tend to be much more intuitive and can get answers in their hearts. Sometimes the heart and head are giving different answers and the muscle-testing techniques above can help. Men tend to be much less intuitive; yes, some of us can get answers from our hearts, but, it is much more difficult for us.

I do get Heart messages all of the time, especially when I am writing; it is almost a form of automatic writing. But, I incorporate head nodding and finger sliding all of the time. All of these ways of communicating with ourSelves are important for both men and women; use them all.

Right-Spin energy has taken over, but it is still quite weak; iIt will get stronger and stronger with every month. We Right-Spinners will have 80% of the Powre. All of us must learn how to use this powre and part of that is learning how to get guidance (from within) on how, where and for whom to use this powre.

YOU WILL NOT GET THE POWRES WITHOUT, FIRST, LEARNING HOW TO GET GUIDANCE. What is the point, External Authorities have been used to enslave humanity for thousands of years. Right-Spinning is Red Pilling!

Love, Light and Laughter,


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