SHTF is beginning to Happen


Alaska just had an 8.2 Earthquake. The 3Gorges Dam has a large deformation bend in it; much more water is coming. China, like last year, is an Inland Sea. The 3Gorges Dam just had a major earthquake as well; it is a bit wobbly. All nine dam release valves are open full and the dam is 30 meters over flood full.

So….. What could happen if the 3Gorges Dam fails? The amount of water is 1500 miles (2500 km) times 500 feet (160 meters) deep times  6.2 miles (10 km) wide. That is a gigantic amount of water. When this dam breaks, it will be catastrophic with huge pieces of concrete carried downstream.  All of that water will be released; it will take about 48 hours for all that water to be displaced. What happens then? When you suddenly release billions of tons of water, what happens to the land beneath it? Perhaps, it will spring back up like a coiled spring. That is what will happen. China will experience massive earthquakes everywhere. They will not just be 9s and 10s; they will be rolling earthquakes that travel out in different directions. Mankind has no memory of the kind of destruction this will bring.

Wow, all that water will bludgeon its way to the sea destroying everything in its path. Then, the bouncing and rolling will happen. Then most of China will collapse into the sea. China will become the China Sea. Taiwan, the Koreas, the Russian Fareast, and Japan remain. That energy release will be felt all around the Earth.

The shock waves will travel East and cause a giant Cascadia Earthquake which will, in turn, trigger the San Andreas fault in two places (San Francisco and Los Angeles). These will be three Big Ones. The quakes will travel down through Mexico creating massive destruction; Mexico City will cease to be.

The shock waves will also travel West. They will hit the Tibetan Plateau which will absorb and transmit it to the Himalayas and Central Asia. The rolling earthquakes will be released in many directions; India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iran, and all the countries of Central Asia.

The shock wave will hit the Arabian Peninsula and Africa; it will be bad, but not as bad as China and the rest. The Indian Ocean could be connected with the Eastern Mediterranean with a shallow sea covering everything. Africa could be broken into two or three masses with the Northern and Central places subsiding into the ocean.

Central America and the islands of the Western Caribbean (Cuba, Caymans, Jamaica, Hatti, Dominican Republic, and Puerto Rico) will subside as well.

I have written about these kinds of things before. Yes, they did not happen. That’s a good thing. But maybe, my role is to provide some level of warning in advance. This time, there is more of an imperative warning.

Big changes coming. America just pulled out of Afghanistan after 20 years. Why now? Russia and China are scrambling to adjust to the power vacuum.

Of course, Covid has brought many changes as well; masks, lockdowns, working from home, jabs, distrust of the media, science, and government (too many lies), and, odd for most of us, lots of time to think, review, and question who we are and what we are doing. Many of us are not going back to the office or job whatever it is.

All of the food-producing countries are having less than noteworthy harvests in everything. Food shortages are coming; get ready. Again, the Mini Ice Age is upon us; no, not Global Warming!

Everyone is talking about inflation, but I am betting on a massive devaluing (deflation) of our money. Sock as much cash (in low denominations) as you can; not 100s or 50s. I am thinking of US Dollars so adjust accordingly. When they devalue, everyone holding the large notes will get 10% if they are lucky; think 20s.

There are no accidents. There is no luck, good or bad. There is no happenstance. Everything is some kind of Set-Up by the forces of the Universe. Covid-19 was planned by the Elites to take out millions of people, but was it their plan or the Universes’? Same for the 3Gorges Dam when it goes. Keep doing what you are doing; many of us will survive and build a better world.

Sometimes, being a Prophet sucks.

Be well.

Love, Light and Laughter,



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