You are a Majikan! How? Spells!

I have written about Majik coming into the world. It is here now and in this post, I will tell you one way to use this new Majik. There are other ways, but here is a start.

Every one of you has been attracted to this site because you are strong in the Light. It does not matter how you came here. Light is in the process of taking over from Darkness. Here’s the score; Darkness got its 20% in January and February, but Light has to wait until August to get its 80%.

In March, Darkness was able to use its full 20%; this is why it looked like Darkness was still winning.

In September, Light will be able to use its full 80% against Darkness in the greater world.

OK. What about you? The Light Warriors. This post is for you.

First off, the Creation Number (5 or 14) is very important. Think five letter words like Spell or Bless or Curse. These are words of powre. There are many more. How about Earth? Google five-letter words for all the help you may need. This is true in any language you think. Note: “Ss” can be added for plural.

So, beginning on September 1st, 2021, you will be able to think of something or someone and put a Spell on it/them. Wow. You can Bless or you can Curse. When you use either of these spells, you are turning over Everything to the Universe (God). There is no blow-back on you; no Karma.

How does this work? In September, you will be able to give people or things focused SetUps. SetUps come in three varieties; positive, negative, and neutral. That’s different! We can all figure out how to use the positive and negative, but what about neutral. Neutral is a great tool for the “if, then, else” program.

SetUps are part of the Spell. In September, you will be able to powre up your Spell with a single Plus (+) or Minus (-) sign (for Positive or Negative).  Neutral is the Uppercase 8 or *. These are mental commands, but you can say or write your spell out. Powre Signs: September – One, October – Two, November – Three, December – Four, and January – Five.  From 2022, you can choose how many powre signs you want to apply on a case-by-case basis (no more than 5). Between now and 2022, you can choose how many powre signs you want to use (between 1-4).

Say you want to give someone a Money Spell. You think of the person, say their name(s)  (silently or aloud), and then command the Money Spell on them. Immediately after that, you must designate a Positive, Neutral, or Negative SetUp and the number of powre signs (1-5). Note: you cannot mix the powre signs (+,*,-).

Be careful, Do Not Go Negative (as a rule). Curse them and leave it up to the Universe. Happy is always a great Spell. Ask your Spirit Guide about the Death Spell; you must get permission. All of us have contracts for when we are down here.

Remember, a Curse can have 5 minus signs. You are telling the Universe that you really want them to be messed with.

Say someone is corrupt and has been noticed by you. You can Curse them generally, but you can also spell their Money with a 5 Minus Sign SetUp to hit them where it hurts. But, that is going Negative, better to just Curse them.

Important: Now you know that Majik exists and how to use it. Now, and in the future, you must be aware that Spells can be cast on you. YOU can be given SetUps as well.

Two things to do.

  • Install the following program:

“My energy is my own, no one may give me any unwanted energy without my permission.”

Say silently or aloud and then say “Install it and Run it.”  This will make a spell bounce off.

Think about it, you will be able to come up with your own version of a “Boomerang” or “Return to Sender” Spell.

  • Tell yourSelf that you want to check on SetUps coming at you. Tell yourSelf that a head nod is a Yes and a head shake is a No. Ask if there is an agreement? You should get an immediate head nod. If not, your Guide wants to have a chat with you about several things. Be patient, this may be the first time you have ever spoken to yourSelf this way.

So… now have a way to ask about SetUps coming your way. You can ask if a negative SetUp can be deleted, delayed, or be made less powerful/powreful? Start out asking out a week; I get good info on a month out.

Just so you know, there are No Accidents. No Luck. No Coincidences. No Happenstances. EVERYTHING is a SetUp and most of them are coming from the Universe. Open your eyes and look around.


Enjoy your Majik!!!


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