Site Improvement – Linked Posts & RSS Feed

I know I keep talking about Light taking over from Darkness.  In one of my posts, I suggest it may take as much as a year (December 21, 2013), but my latest insight is August 21, 2013.

In keeping with an August take-over, I have been prompted to add categories to all of my posts so that each post can be linked with posts that have similar content.  So…now, you can scroll down to the end of each Post and see any of my previous Posts that have similar content.

This is a new idea for me as I have not tried to make this site Search Engine friendly.  That has changed and I am now being guided to add all of the SEO tricks to reach a larger audience.

My RSS Feed is now working.  Sorry for the disfunction, but this is now ok.

If any of you like this content, Like it and share it with your friends, especially your friends of the Light.

Category: Darkness, Light
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