Turquoise Energy is also Aqua Energy

This new third force energy has male and female components; male is Turquoise and female is Aqua.  The two colors are very close to each other with Aqua encompassing water more completely.  Aqua is very close to Agwa, which is water in Spanish.

There is a massive energetic change going on in our world.  Darkness and Light have been battling each other for Aeons; millions of years.  Now, when they are both equal in power, they continue to battle each other relentlessly.

In effect, the 1/3 that is Light is cancelling out the 1/3 that is Darkness.  That leaves only Turquoise/Aqua as the operating force in our Multi-verse.  For those of you who used to be oriented towards either Darkness or Light, now is the time to change your orientation towards Turquoise/Aqua.

Ideally, all of the peoples of Earth should attempt to change their energy orientation to one percent each of Darkness and Light and 98 percent Turquoise/Aqua.  You do this by simply inviting Turquoise/Aqua into your being, often and with an open heart.

Do this, while you still can.

Love, Aqua and Laughter,


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