Something “New” Happening Tomorrow

I have written about being tattooed with a scar in the shape of a “7” on my right leg. At the time, I asked my Spirit Guide if “Seven” was going to be important to me and got a big “Yes” for me and many others.

That scar is fading now, suddenly, as we pass through July.

This 7th month is the shift month energetically; this is the month where Light begins to make it’s presence felt. I know, Darkness looks as if it is in the ascendancy everywhere, but the tide has turned against Darkness and it is ebbing.

While Darkness has been dominant (for the past 6,480 years), it had many helpers; we refer to these by many names like Demons, Imps, Devils, Sorcerers, and, generally, as Dark Beings. Some of these have been people, but most have been Energetic Beings.

Because Darkness had 80 percent of the power in the world, these Demons had the power to possess people and make them do things that they would not normally do. We have all heard about the Rite of Exorcism and many Medicine Men and Women know how to expel Demons using sage and feathers.

What is happening on the 22nd? Angels will replace the Demons as the dominant Energetic Force on the Planet. Will the Demons go away? No, they will still be here, but with only 33 percent of the Powre as two-thirds of the Powre now belongs to Light.

Will the Demons still be able to mess with Light Beings? NO. All people who have at least 51 percent Light in their makeup, will be under the protection of Light and the Angels. Those who are still oriented towards Darkness will still receive help from Demons, but at a much reduced level.

So…Why are you telling us about this? Simple. It is time to envoke the aide of the Angels. You can pray to them for assistance or just ask your Guardian Angel for more help. Some of us talk to Archangels on a regular basis. All Archangels have Armies of Angels.

My point is that Angels, now, have the powre to make significant changes in our world; they actually have the powre to drive out fear, force and control and to allow freedom, choice, truth and selfless love.

This change is actually happening tomorrow; tomorrow we get a better place and this is just the first step in many better things to come.

Love, Light and Laughter,


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