A Personal “Shift” for Everyone

If you are strong in the Light, what I call a Right-Spinner, then Darkness has been messing with you for all of your life. You may, or may not know this, but I am guessing that you do.

Darkness has put a lot of it’s power into blocking you and deceiving you and out-right lying to you.

OK. I keep writing about the take-over of Light and it really is happening; just not as fast as I would like.

On July 14th (14 is the Creation Number), Light will have enough powre to end the blocks, deception/lying that Darkness has been using against you for many decades.

Here is what you can do starting tomorrow. Believe it or not, you can give yourself Success, then Health, then Wealth, then Youthfulness, then Sex and, finally, Powres.

Whoa! What the hell do you mean? Answer: There is finally enough Light that you can use it to overcome the Darkness that has been used to LIMIT you all of your life. Yes, you can get rid of the LIMITS. Try it, you will like it.

Once you give yourself these Light-driven changes, it will take about two-weeks (14-days) for the changes to be noticed.

This applies to all people who are heavy on the Light-side, even if you are not yet a Newman or Newoman.

What happens will depend on how you are using your Creation Days; you may be Creating Bad Stuff for yourselves. Now is the time to make that self-talk more positive and to believe that you can make your life into what you want. Be kind to yourself; you deserve it.

Love, Light and Laughter,


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