Start “Hoarding” $20 Dollar Bills

The Yen, Yuan, and Euro will be collapsing soon. What does that leave as a store of value? The Swiss Franc and the British Pound will survive and are options. But the US Dollar will be the best Fiat currency moving forward.

There has been a lot of discussion about the end of the Central Banks. When the Euro, Yen, and Yuan collapse, that will bring down the Federal Reserve (a corporation, not a US Government agency). As a corporation, it can go bankrupt.

The US has already printed new money that is not a Federal Reserve Note. Instead, it is a US Treasury Note. It will be backed by Gold, Oil, and Gas reserves, and, perhaps, Bitcoin.

When the Globalist financial world collapses (think derivatives and the $100 Trillion that has disappeared and cannot be found), the US, Poland, and Italy will rapidly roll out their pre-printed money to replace Federal Reserve Notes and Euros. Everyone else will be caught flat-footed.

Everyone with stashes of $100 dollar bills will try to turn them in for the new Treasury Notes. Guess what? $100 and $50 dollar bills will be exchanged for new $10 and $5 dollar Treasury Notes; quite a haircut! There will be limits.

This is why I am telling you to convert your hundreds and fifties into twenties. $20 dollar Federal Reserve Notes will be exchanged for $20 dollar Treasury Notes one-to-one; same for $10s, $5s, and $1s. There will be a limit, I am thinking $25,000 in twenties (per person).

This will greatly reduce the amount of US Dollars in circulation making the new, Treasury Notes even more valuable.

When? Not sure, but could be as early as March 2023. It could be later but act fast. What else? The US is going to devalue its money during this changeover.

Think of what a dollar could buy in 1900. Think of perhaps an increase of 40 times in buying power. Your $20 dollar Treasury Note could buy $800 worth of existing Federal Reserve dollar bills. Now, you see why I am telling you to hoard the Twenties.

Every other currency will be forced to devalue as well including the Swiss Franc and British Pound. The price of gold, silver, and other precious metals will soar; think $40,000 US Treasury Note per ounce for gold.

Perhaps $300 Trillion (USD) will disappear overnight. All that wealth will vanish with a stroke of a keyboard press. The intent of this changeover is to eliminate inflation. Gold will be made valuable enough to cover all debts that haven’t vanished; this will make the US Government Debt into something much more manageable ($900 Billion), but much of that will disappear with the derivatives. We may end up with a $300 Billion (or less) debt in T-Bills.

That gold ring you are wearing will become very valuable. Those coins you have in a jar will all become 40 times more valuable; a Quarter will buy what a $10 Federal Reserve Note could. Yes, a Penny might buy candy again; certainly 2 or 3 Pennies. Those coins will be instantly exchanged into Treasury Note coins.

The old Central Bank trick of creating inflation of 2 percent per year that is 20% per decade) will go away. The intent here is to eliminate inflation and keep everything pegged to this huge increase in the price of gold. We will be having stable prices for everything for decades; what you save will retain its value. What you gain in value-added investments will grow.

I have been quiet for a while; I wanted all of you to see the changes that are happening for yourselves. Today, I was prompted to write this for all of you.

Love, Light and Laughter,


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