What are you Broadcasting? Are you Pushing Away?

Are you sending what you want? Do you keep looking for something and it keeps eluding you?

Many of us wonder why something we think should be there isn’t. Why can’t we find a mate? Or money? Or sex? Or that job?

As usual, I will approach this from an energetic angle. First, review your communications with your Self or Guide; a nod is a Yes and a shake is a No. You start by tuning into your Nods and ask if your Self is trying to communicate with you. You will get a Nod and then, from that moment, you will be able to get answers to your questions.

OK. Keep working on that. For today, here’s a great question to ask. “Am I available?” Many of us have turned that switch OFF. If it is “Off,” turn it on.

You are available; Great.

Now ask if you are available for Sex or Love or a Family. Where are you on that scale from zero to nine? If you are close to zero, you can move it higher; try for seven.

If you are looking for a relationship, ask about that. Again, try for seven.

If you are looking for friends or people to help, ask about that. Again try for seven.

If you can only move up one or two at a time, keep coming back and moving it higher. Keep telling your Self/Guide what you want; never what you don’t want. Clean (CLEAN) on any past times of beating yourSelf up or any negative thought that keeps intruding.

So…., what have you done? You have increased your attractiveness. You have made yourSelf available and visible instead of invisible. It is hard to believe that you may have been doing all that crap to yourself, but if so, this is a relatively easy fix.

Alright, what about those other WANTS? Say you want more Money; say “I am wealthy and have lots of money.” Next, say “Apply.” Now go check where you are on the 0-9 scale. If you are near zero, move yourSelf up the scale. It will be worth the effort.

There is no such thing as Luck, Accidents, Hapenstances, or Coincidences. Everything is a Setup put there by our Self/Guides; good or bad. We all have a purpose and we tell our Guides what we want (frequently negative via self-talk).

What I am helping with here is a very concrete way of talking to your Guides and very specifically changing where you are in getting your desires.

This approach works for any of your desires; love, respect, leadership, sex, money, success, and more. For success in any of these, just Ask.

You may not always get a Yes, but you can be creative and ask it other ways. Your Guides always want you to be creative and will reward creativity.

You can also ask if there is some task or change in how you operate that will bring about the desired change. Remember, your Guide is doing all of the Setups.

If you are unhappy with your situation, your Guide may have a suggestion.

Love, Light and Laughter,


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