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Light will Win, Even against Great Darkness

We live in a time where everything looks like it is going to Hell in a Handbasket.  We are at the end of 13,000 years where Darkness had 80 percent of the power on Planet Earth.  Just because Light only had 20%, does not mean it was powerless.  Just as with Humans, there are Power protocols in place in the Aeons-long battle between Darkness and Light.  Just to be clear, I must define what is Darkness and what is Light;  Darkness is the imposition of fear, force and control with a high resistance to change and; Light is freedom, truth, order and civilization with a drive of change for the better.

Purple-energy is Light with oneness or unity properties while Red-energy is Darkness with separateness, apartness, different-than properties.

As an example, Light built up its power over a long time and used that power to create the United States of America in a new continent.  All of the Light people, who did not fit in to the prevailing Dark culture of Europe left and moved to America or Australia (Light’s other major effort).

Darkness was unconcerned about the US of A for a long time; sure that it could be embroiled in a war and destroyed.  1812 was that war, and the British Army was supposed to defeat Andrew Jackson in the Battle of New Orleans and divide, and pen-in, the young United States.  Then the Civil War happened and the Dark divide and conquer forces lost again.  Then WW1 where US and Allied Forces defeated the tyrannical German-Austrian Forces.

Darkness became concerned and decided to intervene more directly.  Enter the Progressive and Union movements in the United States, what did Darkness have them do?  We got the Income Tax and the Federal Reserve.  We also got court rulings that made precedence stronger than common law (and common sense).  These two things set up the opportunity for Big Government in the 1930s, 1960s and now.  Ok, now I am sounding like a Republican, but I am a really a Libertarian.  So what, what so wrong about Big Government? Simple, it uses force to re-distribute wealth and create dependency on Government hand-outs for millions of people.  It is all about creating an environment of fear, force and control for much of the American population.  We just experienced that with the threat of the Government shut-down; what are all of those people going to do if they do not get their social security pensions, military pay and pensions, government worker salaries and pensions, unemployment benefits, etc.

In between, there was WW2 which was an epic battle between Darkness and Light.  It appeared that Light won, but it set up a 50-year battle between the US and the Soviet Union.  Another name for the Soviets was Reds and yet, another was the “Evil” Empire (Evil is synonymous with Darkness).  Europe was still firmly in the hands of Darkness and Socialism flourished, just another form of Big Government Darkness.  In the 60s, US-style Big Government really took off, we got the Great Society with welfare, Medicare and Medicade.  It’s hard to believe that these incredibly dark (what could be more fearful than threats of death) medical programs were only started in the late 1960s.  How did we survive without them for nearly 200 years?

It really looks like Darkness and Big Government has won in Western Europe and the United States; it looks like Light has lost the battle and maybe we Light warriors should surrender.  Not so fast,  November 2010 was a re-assertion of Light, the Dems (the Party of Big Government) were tossed out of the House of Representatives; can’t make a budget without the House.  Light is also re-asserting itself in Europe; Big Government is collapsing over there.  The Dark forces in Government have run out of other peoples money to spend and they cannot print enough money to get themselves out of the mess.  Darkness is beginning to lose its grip on things; on March 1st, 2011, Light had 51% of the Power and is moving rapidly to 80% of the Power on December 21st, 2012 at the start of the next Great Year cycle.  Yes, Purple-Light will have 80% of the Power for the next 13,000 years or so.

Now, what about the Stronghold of Darkness, where Darkness lives on this Planet (Mecca).  The Muslim world is in transition from Darkness to Light. Islam is the most primitive, mainstream culture on the Planet.  It’s OK to repress women; women do not have rights and may be considered to be property or slaves.  It’s all about Male dominance and the Jihadist movement is all about keeping women repressed.  Have you ever wondered where the women pray in Islam? The Mosques are reserved for men only; do you ever see women mixed in with men when they pray on their prayer rugs.  Sorry to say this, but Islam worships Darkness and his name is Allah and he actually emanates from the black stone cube in Mecca.

So what is happening among Allah’s people; they are in an uproar and are rejecting their tyrannical rulers.  They are also rejecting the imposition of stricter Theocratic governments.  The Muslim Brotherhood was supposed to have an easy change-over as it seized control of Egypt; huge majorities of Egyptians want Sharia Law and think its OK to stone women-to-death when they stray.   So why hasn’t this change-over taken place?  Could there be other forces at work?  What about Syria?  What makes people come out on the street to protest when they know the Dark thugs will shoot at them?

Light always wins against Darkness, but it is tough to live through times when Darkness appears to be winning.  Take Heart Light Warrior, the tide has turned.