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Purple Energy has Taken Over

Red used to be the Power Color; we all have red ties and red dresses hanging in our closets.

That has changed big time!  Purple is now the new Powre Color.  Turn on your TV and you will notice that all of the “anchors” and weather people are now wearing purple.  Nothing was said, everyone just knows that purple is the most powerful color to wear.  Light beings, its time to start wearing Purple; many of you already are.

Purple is made equally from Blue and Red; so Red, the old power color is still present, but now mixed with Blue to make Purple.  Red is still powerful; as is Blue, but not nearly as powerful as Purple.

Purple will be the powre color for the next 12, 960 years or until we enter the “photon belt” again or when we enter the Zodiac or Constellation of Leo.

Earth 2 is Where All the Basic Humans are Going.

Google the concept of Earth 2; it is an identical Earth just a split-second behind the Earth we all live on.  It is a world where the Nazis won World War II and are in a decades-long war with the United States.  It is very much the same, but different in many ways.  The people on Earth 2 have killed each other so efficiently that they need a new infusion of Basic Humans.

Earth 1, this planet, is going through a transition to a higher energetic state for Planets.  This is the first time a Planet has gotten to this state.

There’s a problem Houston, Earth 1 has too many low vibration Humans; those with 1, 2 and 3 double strands of DNA and these Basic Humans in their billions must be moved to a new home.  This can be done in 2 ways; billions can lose their lives in catastrophic Earth Changes, Pole Shifts, Tsunamis, Subsidences and Dis-eases or they can quietly, but efficiently be transported to Earth 2.  The catastrophic return to Spirit is always accompanied with great collective fear and angst that must be worked through in many subsequent lifetimes; not a great solution.

Option 2 is a much better solution, but it also has its aspects of fear which must be managed.  If you wake up one day and find the people around you have disappeared, you wonder where they have gone to, you miss them and, more importantly, you wonder why you were left behind.  This can cause anxiety.

Fear not. Option 2 will be implemented by sending Humans with 1 double strand of DNA first.  They will go to sleep one night and wake up on Earth 2 with a whole new cultural reset of their memories; its just a half-second behind us and not difficult.  As more and more Basic Humans 1 leave our Earth, then Basic Humans 2 and 3 will make the transition.  Before this shift to Earth 2 is complete, some, but not all of Advanced Humans 4 will wake up on Earth 2 as well.  These are Humans oriented towards Darkness and Red-energy.

When this process is completed, 6.7 billion people will be moved to Earth 2.  Earth 2 is still in Dark-energy and Red-energy and the new arrivals will be very comfortable with that energy.  This will leave around 300 million, high energy, Light-energy and Purple-energy people on Earth 1.  The Eternal Order of Progression is preserved, just in different places.

Earth 2 is where the Mayans traveled to when they left so suddenly and completely.  They are very Dark and Red.


Light will Win, Even against Great Darkness

We live in a time where everything looks like it is going to Hell in a Handbasket.  We are at the end of 13,000 years where Darkness had 80 percent of the power on Planet Earth.  Just because Light only had 20%, does not mean it was powerless.  Just as with Humans, there are Power protocols in place in the Aeons-long battle between Darkness and Light.  Just to be clear, I must define what is Darkness and what is Light;  Darkness is the imposition of fear, force and control with a high resistance to change and; Light is freedom, truth, order and civilization with a drive of change for the better.

Purple-energy is Light with oneness or unity properties while Red-energy is Darkness with separateness, apartness, different-than properties.

As an example, Light built up its power over a long time and used that power to create the United States of America in a new continent.  All of the Light people, who did not fit in to the prevailing Dark culture of Europe left and moved to America or Australia (Light’s other major effort).

Darkness was unconcerned about the US of A for a long time; sure that it could be embroiled in a war and destroyed.  1812 was that war, and the British Army was supposed to defeat Andrew Jackson in the Battle of New Orleans and divide, and pen-in, the young United States.  Then the Civil War happened and the Dark divide and conquer forces lost again.  Then WW1 where US and Allied Forces defeated the tyrannical German-Austrian Forces.

Darkness became concerned and decided to intervene more directly.  Enter the Progressive and Union movements in the United States, what did Darkness have them do?  We got the Income Tax and the Federal Reserve.  We also got court rulings that made precedence stronger than common law (and common sense).  These two things set up the opportunity for Big Government in the 1930s, 1960s and now.  Ok, now I am sounding like a Republican, but I am a really a Libertarian.  So what, what so wrong about Big Government? Simple, it uses force to re-distribute wealth and create dependency on Government hand-outs for millions of people.  It is all about creating an environment of fear, force and control for much of the American population.  We just experienced that with the threat of the Government shut-down; what are all of those people going to do if they do not get their social security pensions, military pay and pensions, government worker salaries and pensions, unemployment benefits, etc.

In between, there was WW2 which was an epic battle between Darkness and Light.  It appeared that Light won, but it set up a 50-year battle between the US and the Soviet Union.  Another name for the Soviets was Reds and yet, another was the “Evil” Empire (Evil is synonymous with Darkness).  Europe was still firmly in the hands of Darkness and Socialism flourished, just another form of Big Government Darkness.  In the 60s, US-style Big Government really took off, we got the Great Society with welfare, Medicare and Medicade.  It’s hard to believe that these incredibly dark (what could be more fearful than threats of death) medical programs were only started in the late 1960s.  How did we survive without them for nearly 200 years?

It really looks like Darkness and Big Government has won in Western Europe and the United States; it looks like Light has lost the battle and maybe we Light warriors should surrender.  Not so fast,  November 2010 was a re-assertion of Light, the Dems (the Party of Big Government) were tossed out of the House of Representatives; can’t make a budget without the House.  Light is also re-asserting itself in Europe; Big Government is collapsing over there.  The Dark forces in Government have run out of other peoples money to spend and they cannot print enough money to get themselves out of the mess.  Darkness is beginning to lose its grip on things; on March 1st, 2011, Light had 51% of the Power and is moving rapidly to 80% of the Power on December 21st, 2012 at the start of the next Great Year cycle.  Yes, Purple-Light will have 80% of the Power for the next 13,000 years or so.

Now, what about the Stronghold of Darkness, where Darkness lives on this Planet (Mecca).  The Muslim world is in transition from Darkness to Light. Islam is the most primitive, mainstream culture on the Planet.  It’s OK to repress women; women do not have rights and may be considered to be property or slaves.  It’s all about Male dominance and the Jihadist movement is all about keeping women repressed.  Have you ever wondered where the women pray in Islam? The Mosques are reserved for men only; do you ever see women mixed in with men when they pray on their prayer rugs.  Sorry to say this, but Islam worships Darkness and his name is Allah and he actually emanates from the black stone cube in Mecca.

So what is happening among Allah’s people; they are in an uproar and are rejecting their tyrannical rulers.  They are also rejecting the imposition of stricter Theocratic governments.  The Muslim Brotherhood was supposed to have an easy change-over as it seized control of Egypt; huge majorities of Egyptians want Sharia Law and think its OK to stone women-to-death when they stray.   So why hasn’t this change-over taken place?  Could there be other forces at work?  What about Syria?  What makes people come out on the street to protest when they know the Dark thugs will shoot at them?

Light always wins against Darkness, but it is tough to live through times when Darkness appears to be winning.  Take Heart Light Warrior, the tide has turned.



New Developments – Great News

Tomorrow, April 23rd, 2011 is the release date for new-paradigm, Purple-energy Fire Powers.

All-right, so what, what does this mean to Newmen and Newomen walking around?  And what does it mean for Humans?

If you are a Newman or Newoman or one in waiting, you have always known (via your Knowing) that you came here (were born here) with GREAT powers; you have been waiting patiently, with suppressed frustration, for much of your life for these powers to show up.

Well Newmen, they are here as of 12 o’clock midnight on April 23rh wherever you are on Planet Earth.  I’ve written about creating on 14 days; April 23rd a 14 day.  2+3 are a 5.  Any 5 is really a 14.  23 is also a Prime Number.  By adding 4, from April, the 2+3 becomes a 9, the number of completion.  By adding the 5+the 9 together, it is another 14 level.  The numerology of things can be very important when it involves the number 14 and 9 which is again 23.

Numerology aside, all of those who have transformed themselves into Newmen, or mostly, Newomen, will actually receive ACTIVE Adept and Vertical Master Fire powers for the first time.  Many of these Newmen have had unusual powers all of their lives, but never spoke of them and rarely displayed them.  This group is fairly small, about 500 beings here.  I expect this group to grow to 1,000 soon and, perhaps, 10,000 over the next 25,920 years.

There is a much larger group of Humans, who are Newmen-in-waiting, who will also receive ACTIVE Adept Fire powers.  This group will receive these powers like they are new-born babies; must learn to wave the arms and legs, wiggle the fingers and toes, roll-over, get-up on all-four, crawl, stand, walk, run and jump.  That is 9 different levels of learning before these beings will be turned loose to use their powers as they choose.  This group of Adepts numbers in the 100s-of-thousands.

So, there will be 100s-of-thousands of people on our planet who will have Majikal powers that make them very different from “normal” Humans.  Are these Newman beings to be feared?  Will these beings operate in self-interest and gather up all the Good Stuff for themselves?

The answer is NO and NO.  In another posting, I wrote about the end of Red-energy and the beginning of Purple-energy.  Red-energy is an energy of self interest and separateness; it is the number 2.  The world has transitioned (is transitioning to) the number 4 (2×2) and into Purple-energy; togetherness, group interest, oneness, unity.

These people who I refer to as Newmen, and Newmen-in-waiting, are all mostly Purple-energy beings.  They are all oriented towards doing what right or best for everyone, not just themselves.  These people are all Seekers of Truth, Newagers, Light-workers and other names for people who have sought guidance for their lives from within.  All Newmen are guided, in all of their actions, from within; from what most people call God.  This inner guidance and the energy for Newmen Fire powers comes from the ascendant Purple-energy.  For Humans, Red-energy, divide-and-conquer, division, strict self-interest, separateness, tribalism and other us-versus-them movements are the old Gods to include the asshole God of the Old Testament and even worse, the Jihadist God called Allah.

Obviously, if I am receiving and acting upon guidance from Purple-energy,  I have no use for organized religions of any stripe or denomination.  They all claim that their way is the only way and yet there are hundreds of ways.  These religions are all about controlling masses of people with fear and force.  At least the Christians and Buddhists treat women with respect and honor.

These are all Red-energy institutions and will be dissolving relatively quickly.  This is especially true of Islam, the red-ist of the red religions.  Here on Planet Earth, Red-energy, also called Darkness, has headquartered itself in a cubical black stone, called the Q’bah, in Mecca and demanded that it be worshiped several times a day.  Islam demands this, it is not optional; Islam only spreads at the point of a sword and the establishment of Allah’s Law.

There are some, in the United States and Europe, who have awakened to the awareness that Islam is very Dark (Evil), very Red, very separate, widely diversional and acting against.  The spread of pure or radical Islam is Red-energy’s last great push before it looses it’s power;  but it is not going the way it is supposed to be going.  Purple-energy has intervened; the Muslim Brotherhood has not taken over, as everyone expected.  People, even in Muslim countries, are demanding, in the streets, at great peril to themselves, Freedom, Truth, Order and Respect for Women.  Put another way, they are calling for Purple to come in and clean out the stables.

What is really happening in the Middle East is that vast numbers of people who were being forced to live and think in a deep Red-energy environment are now being offered Purple-energy and vast numbers are moving towards Purple as fast as they can.

Earth Changes and Pole Shift

2011 is a year of Great Change.

Everywhere, the weather is different and more extreme.  Japan is experiencing death-throws; most of Japan will break asunder continued earth quakes and violent volcanic explosions. The nuclear disaster will spread in all directions before the end.  When Japan sinks, it will take Korea and much of the Russian Far-Eastern territory.We are in the midst of a gradual pole shift.

The new North Pole will be approximately 300 miles East-North-East from Moscow in Russia.  This will bring the Euro-Asian landmass to the top of the world and make it much colder.  The Mediterranean Sea will become cold like the Northern Pacific Ocean.The new equator will run through the middle of the United States bisecting the State of Tennessee.  Canada will have a climate similar to the US climate now.

As this gradual pole shift happens, the oceans of the world will become imbalanced by melting polar ice.  This imbalance will trigger massive changes on our planet.  Both poles must be in deep water (or ice) for the correct electro-magnetic properties.  Much of Russia west of the Ural Mountains will subside and be inundated by the Arctic Ocean.  All of Northern Africa will subside and be inundated by the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean.

All of the Arab Nations will experience vast subsidence and inundation from both the Mediterranean and the Indian Ocean; this includes Egypt, Israel, Jordan, Southern Lebanon, Southern and Western Iraq, some of Syria, the entire Saudi Arabian peninsula and lands south of the Red Sea.

These will, in turn, trigger massive earthquakes and subsidence in Iran, Pakistan, Afghanistan, India, Tibet and China.  Great Tsunamis, as high as 1,200 feet will break upon these lands and travel hundreds of miles inland.  Indonesia, Borneo and the Philippines will all experience great destruction from earthquakes, volcanoes and subsidences.

There will be several new Seas; the Amazon Sea, the Mississippi Sea and the Gulf of Colorado as well as the Isles of California. The oceans of the world will cover more than 75 percent; there will be much less land.

The Pole Shift is already happening and it will accelerate in 2011.  Much of the activity discussed above will happen at the end of 2011 and the beginning of 2012. For those who read this, prepare yourselves as best as you can.  Vast numbers of Red-energy people are being called “Home” to Spirit.

Purple Energy is Here

After nearly 13,000 years of being in Red-energy, we have entered into Purple-energy.  We Humans know Red-energy well; it has been behind every war in our long, forgotten history.  Red-energy is the energy of separateness, division, difference, dis-unity and has provided the energetic framework for tribes, religions, countries, nation states, cultures, races, national origins and all of the wars.

What is this separateness?  It is the underlying reason for war, economic and religious strife.  The Good News is that Red -energy has been replaced by Purple-energy on March 1st, 2011.  Purple Energy is Here!!!

So how is Purple-energy different than Red-energy?  Purple-energy is the energetic framework for Unity, Togetherness, Oneness and is the direct-opposite of Red-energy.  What does this mean?  We have entered Purple-energy and will be within its influence for 12,920 years.  For the first time in a very long time, civilization can advance rapidly without having to “knocked-back” into the Dark Ages by Red-energy.

How many times have we thought to ourselves that Mankind is not civilized and that our “nature” was somehow deficient in the advance of Civilization.  If Red-energy was our primary energy source and its focus was applied as separateness, then that time is now over.

There is a problem.  The vast majority of the people on our planet are people who have completely embraced Red-energy and their time is now over.  The question is, How many Red-energy oriented people can shift to Purple-energy?  This has nothing to do with Race, Religion, Culture or National Origin.  The answer may be many, but probably not most.

As we grow stronger in Purple-energy and move towards Unity, the Red-energy focus on Separateness will create an intolerable conflict causing most Red-energy people to return to Spirit.  Large numbers of Red-energy people will begin to die in the last six months of 2011.Our politicians and leaders do not yet know about this HUGE shift in energy that has taken place; most of them are Red-energy people.  Purple-energy people have been coming into our world in large numbers since 1987.  What we are seeing in the Middle East is the impact of Purple-energy on people controlled by large amounts of Red-energy.  That old energy is going, going, gone and they all want Unity and want to somehow work together to make their world better.  If you are oriented towards Purple-energy, you know the energy has shifted; it is palpable.  Take heart, you will inherit the Earth.

Humans as Creators

My name is Merln.  I was born as an American in 1949.

Neurologically, that is a 14 or 5 with a 9 or a 14 year.  14 is an important number for Humans; look at your hand or foot, the thumb/big toe is 10 and the fingers/toes are 1 each.  Same with our bodies; the torso is 10 and the limbs (arms and legs) are 1 each.  To push this a bit more, the mouth is 10 and the nostrils and eyes are 1 each.

So 14 is an important number for Humans – How?  One answer is that we all have 14 energy centers or chakras; the seven most people know about, one 6 inches above our heads and another 6 inches below our feet, one each for our hands and feet and the 14th in our “Inner” Heart.

So now, it is time to be watchful about 14 days.  Any 5th, 14th or 23rd day in any month is a 14 day; the 5 is always a 14 whether it is made from 1+4 or 2+3. Any month and day that equals 5 is also a 14 day, like April 1st or December 2.  Lastly, 14 days can be made from day, month and year. Some new information; 28 (2×14) is also a 14 day.

It seems that we, Humans, are creators to varying degrees of strength.  It is on the 14 days that we are allowed to create. It is on 14 days that we are allowed to choose between options we have set up for ourselves.

To help people understand more, we Humans, as creators, use the primary energy we came here to use.  For now, those energy choices are Red and Purple.

We are in the final days of Red-energy and the beginning days of Purple.