The Collectivists are getting Desparate

Recently, the WHO tried to get a Treaty where they ruled the world during a Pandemic. That only made sense to a Globalist and failed. But, hey, the Globalists are realizing that all of their efforts are failing. They are trying to cobble together a United States of Europe and drag the UK back into Europe; that too will fail.

What else, THEY realize that Russia is killing/has killed Globalism. They are now telling Ukraine that it MUST Accept a negotiated settlement where it gives up land/territory to Russia; this war in Ukraine must be stopped. It is destroying all of their plans. Is Ukraine going to stop fighting and give the Russian invaders any land? Likely NOT!!!!!

The financial world has watched China roll out its digital currency. What have they done with it? They shut down the entire Chinese economy with draconian Covid Lockdowns; no one could work to earn money and all the factories were shut down. No exports. The ports were all shut down. Worse, the imports of oil, coal, natural gas, food, fertilizer, and iron ore were shut down as well. So, what did the Chinese do? They created billions of Yuan by pressing a few buttons; massive inflation instantly. This new digital currency allowed the CCP (the Communists) to track every Yuan spent; who, what, where, when, and why. There is no possibility of privacy by anyone in China.

The Japanese are doing the same thing. Reread my post on deflation; the Japanese are pushing their economy into deflation ahead of everyone else. Both China and Japan will be a step ahead of the US and Europe. Will it make a difference? Not really; the US Dollar will be the only currency that will be exchanged everywhere. The US has very fortunate geography; large oceans on both sides, a huge road/river system, good rain. large crop areas, a consumption economy, and we make most of what we need. Until recently, we were energy independent, but will be again soon. No other country has these attributes/pluses. BTW, the US Military is the most formidable and we do not have to worry about being invaded by Canada or Mexico (except for the migrants, but they are cheap labor). The US will be the most desirable place to live and will attract all (most) of the available capital in the world. Same for the smartest people.

What the Chinese have done is what the Deep State is going to try to do in the USA and the EU. They will demand that we must all turn in our currency notes (our money). They will also demand that we turn in our silver and gold. It may also get to turning in our title deeds as well. It is all about seizing control of all of us with no possibility of dissent or resistance. Whatever you do, DO NOT surrender your bills/notes/currency in either fiat paper money, coins, or valuable metals. Or Bitcoins; they will be worth $100,000 soon. The Deep State is trying to get everyone to sell them. Why? To buy them up cheap. Hold on to them; the stupid people will surrender them all; the bills you hold on to will become scarce and thus, more valuable. People will realize that the only way to have any privacy will be to use the old currency. You cannot put it in the banks, they will send it in for destruction. Coins of all kinds will become incredibly valuable. Bartering will make a huge comeback; you must develop a worthwhile skill or start hoarding things that will be difficult to find/buy (or both).

Remember, we are in an energy shift. The Dark Forces (Deep State/Globalists) are losing; they only have 20% of the power now. The Forces of Light have 80% of the power. So, worry not, it is just too late for the Dark Forces; they will fail. Think WHO Treaty. Think about the rapid decline of the Biden administration and the destruction of the Democrat Party in the upcoming Mid Terms. They will try to steal the election again, but will not be able to do so. And yes, the Russians are losing in Ukraine; they have run out of smart missiles (no chips) and also artillery shells. A mysterious explosion destroyed their ability to make the explosive needed for their shells and they are running out. The chip shortage has stopped the manufacturing/repair of tanks, armored personnel carriers, and modern artillery pieces. Their main artillery shoots 20 kilometers while the new Ukrainian artillery shoots 25 miles; it is just a matter of time before the Russians break and run back to Russia. The Ukrainians will take back everything including Crimea. What will happen when the Ukrainians invade Russia? Will they seize the gas and oil pipelines as reparations?  How about the Russian wheat and other exports? Russia will be destroyed as a country soon. Will Finland be seizing its lost territories back? How far will the Fins go before they stop? Will Belarus survive? Or will it be divided between Lithuania and Poland? What will happen to Kaliningrad? Will the million Russians there be forced to flee to Russia, or what is left of it? That is what the Russians did to the Germans who lived there in World War 2.

Eventually, Ukrainians and Russian refugees will be welcomed in Europe and everywhere. The Globalist world encouraged us all to have far fewer children and most places are in demographic decline. Most places will need these women and children to keep civilization alive. The deal will be for complete assimilation; language, culture, and citizenship. The Russian language and culture will be terminated largely.

The 3-Gorges Dam will fail soon. It was Hubris to build in the first place. Its collapse will destroy China as we know it and the destruction will spread far and wide.

Love, Light and Laughter,


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