The Collectivists are Losing!

I write about Left- and Right-Spinners. Other terms also apply; Left-Spinners are of the Left-leaning politically. They are also on the Dark Side of the Energy (frequently, very Dark). Most people tend to think that Communism and Socialism are on the Left; both of these ISMs tend to push the rights of the many over any individual rights. That is collectivism over individualism. Another term for that is Hive Primacy. Still yet another term is Globalist or One Worlder or Deep Stater.

Think about it, cities aggregate people; they pile them on top of each other. Cities are hives for humans. The politics of cities trend toward the Left or the collective; we have all seen the primacy of labor unions, teacher unions, and government worker unions with corrupt rules and regulations that can be fixed or bought off.

We are all seeing a mass exodus from cities everywhere. Why is that? To control us, the Left brought Covid, lockdowns, masks, and vaccinations. They also let the criminals run wild while at the same time imprisoning us in our homes. Now, they want to take our cars away; just more control. Darkness or the Left is all about fear, force, and control; same for collectivism. If you are Free and can act freely, then you are not under their collective control.

One of the reasons they keep trying to destroy the United States from within is to dismantle the Constitution. Why? Because it is all about protecting individual rights; the Bill of Rights. That is why they are so intent on censoring any information that conflicts with their narrative (1st Amendment – Freedom of Speech). Same for the 2nd Amendment; they want to take our guns away; how can you protect yourself without weapons? Can the police stop someone from harming or killing you? No, but you can if you have a gun. Countries that have taken guns away from their people know that only criminals have guns; they don’t much care about laws. Google the American Bill of Rights; it is an interesting read. It is a foretaste of what is coming.

The Globalist world is collapsing. The supply chains have already collapsed from Covid lockdowns. Companies could not make products that depended on parts (chips) made in far-flung places. Just in time logistics used to work, but not anymore. Whatever faults the Russians have, they set in motion the destruction of the Globalist World Order; now everyone is thinking about defending their country, customs, and traditions. They are also worried about food and energy shortages. They are also watching the impossible solutions (for everyone) that the EU/ECB are trying; the EU will splinter or shatter soon. Inflation will get worse and worse; it will get so bad that no one will be able to afford the minimum essentials. Demand will collapse; inflation will turn into deflation and deflation will turn into depression. All of that digital money will vanish with the collapse of the derivatives and markets. Cash will be king and worth far more due to scarcity. Get your cash out of banks; they are no longer safe. Get the 20s, 10s, and 5s, not 50s or 100s; they will make you a target. Get common coins; they too will appreciate in value many times. Yes, get silver and gold coins as well; focus on the smaller sizes like dimes, quarters, and ⅒ once Gold.

I think most of us can see that our world is changing. We are all resisting tyranny more; we all got to see what it was. No more masks, lockdowns, or jabs, certainly not mandatory by Government edict. This is all part of a pattern; we have left 1000s of years where Darkness (the collective) was in charge. If you left the herd, flock, or school, it was dangerous or fatal.

We are moving/moved into energy where individual rights have primacy. Look up (in the night sky) and watch the Great Alignment of the Planets; that is a huge sign from heaven. We are in Aquarius, 2022 is the shift year. The energies are shifting; for some reason, more and more of us are rejecting the edicts of the bureaucracies (Left or Dark or collective) and seeking our own truths. Forced immigration (on us) is being resisted everywhere; how do you deal with foreign customs and traditions that do not harmonize? Islam is very Dark; Allah is also Baal and Maloch.

Aquarian energies will be dominated by the female; not the male. The symbol of Aquarius is a woman at the top of a mountain with a water jug. Think of the mountain as being a cone with the apex point up.  The water poured from the jug can do down the mountain in any direction; each droplet can find its own way. That represents a major shift in energy; we do not have to follow the herd anymore. The new energy supports each of us in going our own way; within order, not force, control, or chaos. We do not have to belong to the “right” club, school, or elite group; credentials will be less and less important. Apprenticeships will be making a comeback; we must still know things. Certifications will replace college degrees for most. This new energy will support more freedom, truth, integrity, good choices, self-reliance, self-responsibilities, doing-the-right thing, and individualism/individual rights. Collectivism has gone from 80% of the power to 20%; they have lost. Lies, corruption, theft, taxes, and redistribution will still exist but will fade significantly. Giving to each other will become much more important. Self-reliance and responsibility will also become more important. The new energy will support makers or givers over the takers (all 5-letter words).

Yes, stock up on long-lasting food, candles, fire-making tools, warm clothes, and bedding. Get your camping gear ready, you may have to Bug out; think about it, plan for it, and test it. Remember to bring fishing gear. In a Depression, it is much easier to survive in the country. It is much easier to gain the trust of people who can help you (as long as you can help them).

If you make yourSelf into a New Being, you will have additional powres/capabilities that most others don’t. New Beings will be getting those powres during the rest of the year. When you can do something new or different, ask yourSelf about it/them. Use your head nods and shakes to get information about anything.

Love, Light and Laughter,


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