The Dark Side has gone Nuts!

Stupid lockdowns, masks, transgenderism, CRT, parents have no rights, massive amounts of illegal migrants/fentanyl, and now, a government board that is, somehow, going to enforce what “disinformation” is and what to do about it. This is obviously how they plan to steal another election; that and the election software machines.

My point is something keeps pushing these people off the cliff and they want us to follow them. No, they demand that we jump off with them.

This site is very focused on energy. The energy of the Left is very Dark; it’s all about fear, force, and control. They are losing adults everywhere and are desperate to subvert the kids now. Big problem: the kids coming up now, are not buying it.

We are in the midst of an energy shift from Darkness to Light (Left-Spin to Right-spin). Another way to look at that is to think about weather systems; left-spin is tornadoes, hurricanes, tropical storms, and generally, dark clouds, lots of driving rain/wind, and right-spin is lots of sun, blue skies, and wispy clouds. We are in the last hurricane that the Dark Side can throw at us; it is disconcerting how many “intelligent” people can be so STUPID. But, it is more than that: they are desperate to try to hold on to their power. They do not realize that the power equation has shifted.

For the past 10,000 years, THEY, the Dark Side, have had 80% of the power in our world. That is why so much of our world is based on fear, force, and control. Now, 2022 is the transition year to 80% of the power being on the freedom, truth, good choices, and doing the right thing. The Dark side got 10% for January and February. Right-spin got 10% for March and April; now, we are even. We will be getting 60% more over the next six months; by the end of October. Actually, we have a tiny bit more powre than they do even on May 1st. Mayday has an entirely new meaning.

You can say BS, but look at what is happening to Russia in Ukraine (and the world). This has been massively unexpected. Instead of breaking up NATO, it has strengthened/unified it. Instead of going their own ways, Europe has come together to support each other (except Germany). Germany is always interested in what’s good for Germany and wants it both ways; it wants to get raw materials and energy from Russia (and sell its cars/machinery) and, at the same time, sell to Europe, the UK, and the US.

Germany is too conflicted now. It will be withdrawing from NATO and ally itself with what is left of Russia (or try to). Every country around Germany will band together to oppose the new, militarized German state. NATO will probably be broken into two separate alliances; Poland, the Nordics/East Europeans, and the Brits, French, Dutch, and the Mediterranean states. Russia and Belarus will be losing a lot of territory in the breakup/reset. Belarus will cease to exist and Russia will shrink to the area around Moscow; the Russian Empire will soon be history.

As I have written about, Germany will be broken up into pieces; the deunification of Germany. Denmark will get Hamburg, France the Ruhr, Austria Bavaria, Czechia former East Germany, and Poland Prussia. It will be messier than that, but that is the outline. Poland will also get Kaliningrad. The Baltics and Finland will expand eastward.

China will try to expand northward, but it is a basket case (spent force). Xi is the only one making decisions and most of them are bad/unwise/uninformed. Yes, China will be collapsing with the Great Dam and large chunks of central Siberia will go with it. Central Asia, the Himalayas, and India will be massively impacted by those events.

So………, with the shift in powre, the Demons have lost to the Angels. This is a bit strange (not mainstream), but many of our leaders have been guided by the Dark forces (Demons). That is how they got their wealth and power. How does one get to be a Billionaire without energetic help? Either Demons or Angels?

As I have written, we have been transitioning since 2012; the end of Pisces (Mayan Calendar). So….., there are a few Billionaires that are of the Light (Right-Spin). Yes, Trump and Musk are two of them; both are incredibly disruptive to the Dark Forces.

We have watched our world go down a path toward rejection of our culture, traditions, and histories. We call that Globalism or the New World Oder or WEF. Its focus has been on Collectivism over Individualism; everyone must give up their Rights for the greater good. We have struggled with this through Fascism, Socialism, and Communism for the past 100 years. Globalism and medical tyranny are its most recent forms.

Do not despair; the nightmare is nearly over. We are coming into the Light; the storm is dying down. The Demons will be driven out quickly, now. Does anyone think Putin is not controlled by Demons? How about Xi, Biden, Soros, Pelosi, BoJo, Macron, Fauci, and many others?

What will happen to these people when they lose their Demons? Their health, longevity, and wealth will tend to disappear rapidly; yep, their power too.

Demons are not going away entirely; the Dark Side still has 20%, but our world is becoming a much better place. How long? Perhaps for many times the 10,000 years, THEY had. Things will be much better for 1000s of years minimum; we are entering a new Golden Age.

Love, Light and Laughter,


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