Inflation? Or, perhaps, Deflation?

The Deep State is pushing to outlaw cars EVERYWHERE; they just put out their trial balloons. The World Health Organization (WHO) wants to seize control of all of us by superseding our governments; imagine having Fauci as our dictator. I know he was partially there already.

What else? China has already rolled out its digital currency and the Deep State wants to push its digital currency on all of us. Why? Control. They get to “print” billions with a few keystrokes; control us with inflation. They get to monitor (approve/disapprove) everything we are buying; they can cancel anyone’s bank account instantly; it will not matter how much you have in your account. Just think how easy it is to turn your credit or debit account off. Do not fall for this; this is insanity.

Are they going to close all of our bank accounts? How will this work? Will they try to outlaw cash? How about bartering? What about coinage? Not just gold or silver, but quarters, dimes, nickels, and pennies.

Whatever you do, do not turn your emergency cash in; it will become a scarce commodity and will be worth far more. Same for those coins.

What if, instead of out-of-control inflation, we all get a currency reset. They are going to have to do something like that when they try to take us digital. The Deep State/WEF has had one failure after another recently. They are being increasingly opposed by people everywhere. Call them populists or patriots or cultural traditionalists or religious, but more and more are rejecting the Globalist New World Order being run by the Technocrats like Fauci. Their approach is to force us to do what they want; after all, they know what’s best – NOT. How has that worked out over the past two years?

Say we have a financial blowup in the next 6 months. China is imploding and taking $50-100 Trillion with it. Russia is collapsing internally and is taking $5 Trillion with it. Europe is having an energy crunch and is heading for a financial meltdown. Investors will be hit very hard. What does that mean? Much of the money that is available for people to borrow and use will be wiped out; gone in a flash. We are not talking about billions, but trillions (1000 billion). When this happens, no one will have any money. It will be like the Great Depression of the 1930s. The pipe dream of digital currency will collapse; no one will trust the governments.

What I am describing is a form of massive deflation. Take your money out of the banks and put it in a safe (relatively) place. Be sure to purchase rolls of quarters; as many as you can afford. What this deflation means is that Gold will be valued at $40,000 per ounce (perhaps) and Silver will be $1,500 (perhaps). Suddenly, your $1 dollar bill may be able to buy what the old $20 dollar bill bought; it may even be as much as two $20s. That quarter would be worth $5.00 or $10 in our current money. Our paper currency would be worth what it was back in 1900.

When they do the currency reset, they will give us new US Treasury Notes; the Federal Reserve Notes will be invalidated. These new notes will be backed by gold, silver, barrels of oil, gas containers, and bitcoin (or some combination). Hang on to those old gold rings as they will be worth a lot.

You say this is not possible. China has a $63 Trillion dollar (USD) property market that has already lost 50% and is accelerating. Their stock market is crashing and most of their State-Owned Enterprises and provincial government are bankrupt. China could wipe out $100 Trillion of the world’s money soon. What will happen?  No money anywhere equals massive deflation. The United States will be hit hard, but the rest of the world will be hit much harder.

This is going to happen. Get prepared. Take your cash out and buy coins. Don’t take cash any higher than $20s; the 50s and 100s will be traded in for 10% of value. The 20s and less should be traded in at full value. If you have $1000, consider buying 4,000 quarters; you will be able to safely use them to buy food and gas. Gold and silver will be unsafe to use; a silver dime, quarter, or half-dollar will be too valuable in the new money. Do Not Talk about this; loose lips sink ships.

I know, everyone is trying to wrap their minds around the increasing cost of everything; inflation is what we are all worried about. What I am saying is that the shift to deflation will catch everyone by surprise. Whether it is continued inflation or deflation, take your money out of the bank; the banks will use your deposits to bail themselves out – they are no longer safe.

Pick up those pennies; they may buy many times more than they do today. When I was a child, a nickel (5 cents) could buy a lot of candy. In 1900, a nickel bought a loaf of bread.

This is a logical heads up, but my Spirit Guide is giving me many head nods Yes.

Love, Light and Laughter,



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