The Energy Shift just moved into High Gear

I am an American. I have served in the US Military for 20 years; retired after 16 in the Air Force and 4 in the Navy (Vietnam era). Yes, I was in Intelligence and did not kill anyone (that I know of). I have been guided by Spirit for most of my life; I was sent there. Nothing/No thing happens by accident or happenstance or luck. Somehow, I have been allowed to bring insightful knowledge into the world and come up with a new path for Spiritual advancement; New Beings, Newomen, Newmen, Earth Beings (all more than “normal” Humans). If you found this site, you were sent; I do not do anything to promote this site using search engine optimization tools. There are more than 70,000 subscribers now so I must be doing something Right. This information is not for everyone; people are sent here only if they are ready to receive.

If you are concerned about shortages of food or energy, go to my other site at Revitae Technologies. All of these new technologies have been delayed; waiting on the new Aquarian energies. The wait is coming to an end.

OK. I have been writing about the energy shift happening as we move further away from Pisces energies. Wow, this past week we were treated to three amazing examples of what I am talking about; first, the dark forces trying to take guns (self-protection) away were stomped on. I know all of Europe, the UK, Canada, New Zealand, and Australia (and many other places) have severely limited possession of firearms; only the police and criminals have them. Are the police there when you are attacked? No, of course not, they are just a deterrent. How is that working out? Of course, we are all watching Ukraine fight for its life against Russia. Are the Ukrainians glad that they have huge supplies of guns and ammunition? Do most Europeans want guns again? We all need the means to defend ourselves when required. Having a knife or club is not going to do it. Second, the US Supreme Court struck down Roe vs. Wade which has become abortion on demand. Now,  the lives of children in the womb will be more protected. Instead of nine judges, the decision has been pushed down to the people (all 50 states). The world is running out of people as it is; we need more children, not less. Third, Darkness put a block in place decades ago. Somehow, there had to be a separation between Church/Faith and State. This was necessary for secularism to take over; other names include Deep State, Big Government regulations, the Welfare State, Globalism, WEF, etc. We used to take care of all of these in communities of faith. So, now, in the United States, we can pray again in schools and at football games. Wow, this is the biggest energy shift of the three; it is the beginning of the end of secularism in the public square.

Note: all of these happened in June. Darkness got its allotment of power in January and February; 20%. That’s all it is getting in Aquarius. Light started getting its allotment in March and will get 10% per month until the end of October (just before the Mid Term Elections). So, now, today, Light has 35% to Darks 20%. On June 30th, Light will have 40%; 5% on the 15th, and 5% more on the 30th. By November, Light will have 80% of the powre in our world.

So, with just over one-third of the powre, Light is showing us these amazing defeats of Darkness. Watch for it, this is just the beginning. The Left (Dark) will be losing to the Right (Light) massively. More and more are returning to traditional values, customs, religions, tribes, and regions and rejecting  Globalist imposed immigration and nonsensical, unworkable, bureaucratic governing; the EU. Open trade was good, but the EU was a replacement for the failure of communism; the EUSSR. It did not get far enough so they trotted out Global Warming (another replacement); how is that working out? Same for the United Nations; it just represents the Globalists and their corrupted officials.

Things are moving very quickly now. Many of us will not recognize our world by New Year’s Day, 2023. The great threats coming from Russia and China will be gone. Same for the rogue threats coming from Dark Forces in the United States. Not sure how, but they too will be defeated. Darkness will fight, but they cannot win against 40%, 60%, or 80%; they will be pushed back into a corner (20%). They have stomped on us; now it is their turn.

The new technologies in Revitae will not all come at once and we may have to wait until 2023, but much better tools for generating electricity at extremely low costs are coming. Not wind, solar, nuclear, but better. Also, not coal, oil or natural gas. Just imagine, being able to make food from natural gas; not just starches, but fats, and proteins as well. The old Dark Forces that would have stopped me have been greatly diminished.

We will all continue to use our traditional forms of energy (coal, oil, gas, and nuclear, along with solar, wind, and wave). Electric cars/trucks are coming, but their supply chains are much more complex than gasoline, petrol, and diesel vehicles. Global suppy chains are breaking down rapidly; it’s not just chips. Globalism is Darkness and it will no longer be supported.

Don’t worry about Global Warming or Climate Change; Carbon Dioxide is essential for plants. Start worrying about the coming Earth Changes. Not just worrying, but preparing mentally (and in every other way).

Love, Light and Laughter,


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