Battle for the American Mind

Great new book that I can recommend. It’s actually at the top of the New York Times Bestseller List. Written by Pete Hegseth; a Fox News commentator and a former military officer.

Many people know that the Federal Reserve, the United States Central Bank, was formed about 100 years ago. The Progressives came to power under Woodrow Wilson. We call Progressives Woke today. Back then, they also saw a need to take over the education of our children. They were meticulous planners and set about taking over the Teaching Colleges/Universities, establishing a government monopoly for teaching, created a nationwide teachers union, established control over textbook content, and, even, created the Federal Government’s Department of Education.

This was a 100-year plan like slowly boiling something with a low heat source. All of our teachers have gone through THEIR schools. They controlled the accreditation of those schools. They controlled the curriculum of those schools. They realized that if they could control what is being taught and how it is taught, they could control the minds of the upcoming generations. They took God out of the schools and replaced Him/Her with secular experts. You know, follow the science……….

The idea was to train everyone to be a cog in a wheel/gear; you know, the worker bees. The Elites would send their children to the best colleges and universities and they would be the technocrat experts. This system of education teaches our children to never question the science. Smarter, more well-connected people would decide that for us.

The Brits have an interesting question: “What is an expert? An X is a has-been and a spurt is a drip under pressure.

Our problem is that the water is now boiling. Our young people have mostly been turned into woke idiots who cannot think for themselves. Social technologies make them eager to follow the trend, any trend.

Buy the book and read it. Take your kids out of the public school system and put them into schools that share your values or in a cooperative for homeschooling. Even, if necessary, start homeschooling.

So far, this is about the United States, but the Progressives have pushed this agenda into most countries of the world. People everywhere have been exposed to the poison being taught to our children. Because of the Pandemic Lockdowns; parents got to see what all the teachers were pushing. It did not matter whether you were in a low- or high-income region, the same ideologic shit was being pushed. This is why, suddenly, our world is full of wokeness. We wonder where this craziness has come from? It is what the Progressives (atheists, socialists, communists, Marxists) have had on a slow boil for the past century.

How bad is this? Perhaps, 90% of our kids have been ensnared by the Progressive World View. You know, what is a woman? It is OK for men to compete in women’s sports. It is OK for men to shower with women at school (because they identify as a woman). It is OK to start pushing transgenderism for 3 years olds. It is OK to have a teenager decide whether to change their gender with surgery. God and Faith and goodness and gratitude and trying to do the Right things have, somehow, been left behind/dropped.

I write about Light and Right-spin taking over from Darkness/Left-Spin. Yes, that is true; it is actually happening. But, OMG, Darkness has created a horrendous mess for us. Parents are waking up and trying to seize control over what is being taught to their children, but a lot of damage has been done. Everything they have been taught (since they were 5 years old) is a lie, but they believe it. It will be next to impossible to de- or re-program them.

We must try to save those we can. This entire generation (or two) of young people have gone down the Dark rabbit hole. They think everything that we know is wrong; their teachers told them so.

So, what is going to happen? Simple, their Woke worldview has already started to collapse. Disney and Netflix. Transgender athletes. Global Warming. Doing away with coal, oil, and nuclear. Embracing solar and wind as THE solution. But, they cannot replace hydrocarbons. Embracing electric cars even though the supply chain comes from 30 countries. They were all taught that globalism and Elite control by the WEF was good; trouble is that Globalism is dying/dead. They were all taught that we live on a peaceful planet and we can buy anything from anywhere; free trade is wonderful until it isn’t.

Unfortunately, many/most of these young people are running into a mental buzzsaw; they have spent all their lives believing just the opposite of what the world is teaching them. Yes, hopefully, when they go out into the real world, they will be awakened (Wake Up) and adjust their worldview. Do not count on it.

These young people are already starting to realize that they have been lied to all of their lives. There is already a backlash against the Progressives. Sure, many will hold to their beliefs even though gun control is dead, the abortion right is dead, and you can actually pray in school again. They are starting to experience the phrase, “Go Woke, Go Broke.” Woke companies, organizations, and colleges/universities are all being rejected by the people who are paying the bills; parents. These Wokesters have degrees in basket weaving and cannot pay back their student loans. They are all being told to get a certification (that proves they know something) or get a skill like electrical, plumbing, or welding.

Here’s a good question, “Is Light, when it takes over (soon), going to have much use for these Woke Babies? Not. Perhaps millions of these Woke Children will suffer from severe mental health issues; everything they thought was true is proven to be a lie. It is sad, but many of them will leave by suicide. They won’t be able to hold a job, pay down their student loans, afford a car, afford rent, or, even, afford food. Many of them are already living with their parents even though they are 40 years old. Are they having children? Can the parents retire or must the Woke child be thrown out? Maybe its for the best.

Dark/Left-Spin people are 85% of the world’s population. They will not be allowed to stay in a world that is 80% Light/Right-Spin. Like the Woke people above, they will not be able to cope in a world with so little fear, force, and control. If there are 7000 million people on Earth (not sure that’s true), nearly 6000 million (5950) will be leaving. Wow, that’s a huge number. I give you these numbers again to help with the large quantities of people leaving from all sources of death.

Fear not, man and womankind will survive and prosper. Our advanced technologies will continue, but we will do many things differently and, mostly, better. The world will be a much better, more positive place with more freedom, truth, integrity, good choices, and doing the Right things. After all of the departures, there may be 19 women for every man; wow, that will be different. In Aquarius, women rule.

The take-over of Light is accelerating; many changes coming. Tune into yourSelves (use the head nods and shakes); ask about extended lifetimes and younger, healthier appearing bodies. Ask about more stuff. Ask about more capabilities or powres. All this, and more, is coming.

Love, Light and Laughter,


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