The Great Reset has FAILED!

The World Economic Forum (WEF) has told Vladimir Putin that he was dis-invited. This was supposed to be the greatest sanction against Putin. Putin cannot go to Davos. Putin has greater problems like a failed army and a bankrupt country.

What is the Great Reset? It is a plan that goes back to the dawn of the 20th Century; around 1920. That is when the leading banker families and their politicians got together and created the Federal Reserve, the Central Bank of the United States. This is a totally private company that somehow was putin charge of interest rates for the US Dollar; that power has steadily increased over the past 100 years. The Central Bank concept has spread to every country in the world. Their approach is to inflate the money system by 2% per year; that means it is normal to lose 20% of the value of your, and everyone’s, money over 10 years. That is 40% over 20 years and 60% over 30 years; most houses have a 30-year mortgage.

This Central Bank development allowed a tiny elite to become incredibly wealthy; we read about them at Davos and they are all $Billionairs. Yes, they all belong to the WEF and subscribe to the ideas embedded in the Great Reset. These people consider themselves to be vastly superior to the average person; it is easy to believe that since you have all of the money, you should have all of the power.

Before World War II, the world was a very different place; all of the elements of state power were kept inside the nation-state. That included financial, diplomatic, military, technology, and more. After World War II, things changed. The Central Banksters/Rothschilds, One Worlders, etc came up with a world-changing idea; let’s create a world where anyone/any country could trade with any other person/company/country.  To do this, the United States would step in and provide security so all of this “free” trade could happen; thank the US Navy. All of a sudden, China could trade peacefully with the US, Europe, and the rest of the world; all without a Navy. Japan and Korea would not mess with them; peace was guaranteed by the US. Yes, there were a few other pieces needed for the Plan; the United Nations, the World Bank/International Monetary Fund, the World Trade Organization, the European Union, and, we cannot forget, the World Health Organization.

So, their Plan was incredibly successful; all of the manufacturing capabilities were moved from the United States and Europe to China. That is called the Great Hollow Out or in the US, the Rust Belt. The US and Europe became service-oriented economies that imported everything; again from China. Over 20 years, China became incredibly wealthy and zoomed past Japan to become the world’s 2nd economy. The WEF, run by a German, used similar thinking US Elites to set up Globalism, the UN, World Bank, IMF, WTO, and WTO; along with the EU which was a French idea that got taken over by the German (4th Reich).

What next? Now everyone was totally dependent on supply chains from the other side of the world; not just goods, but oil, gas, raw materials, and computer chips. Their Plan was to reduce everyone to a fragile place that would tend to fall apart when pushed a bit; think all of those failed supply chains. Their next step was to introduce a pre-planned worldwide pandemic that would be spread by airline travel; this was not accidental. What did they demand? Universal lockdowns; everyone had to stay at home and you could not go to work. You could not earn money; you were supposed to be increasingly dependent on Government handouts for survival. Then, there were the vaccines that quickly became mandatory. Then, there were the Vax Passports to prove you had the two Vaxes and then a booster and then a second booster.

What next? Now, that the masses were used to be dictated to and their livelihoods could be taken away, it was time to take their mobility away. They had to make the cost of fuel and food so expensive that the masses had to stay contained. Where did electric cars come from? Oh yes, let’s not forget about Global Warming and the dangers of carbon dioxide. That too was part of their Plan; get rid of the cheap energy sources like coal, oil, and nuclear power. Everyone had to move towards solar and wind energy technologies as quickly as possible; nevermind that these systems cost billions to build out, take a long time, are very costly in maintenance, and not reliable; natural gas must be run when the sun does not shine or the wind does not blow.

Does any of this sound familiar? Does it make sense? Look at the world: Europe has become totally reliant on natural gas from Russia; they shut down their coal mines, stopped drilling for oil, shut down their nuclear plants, and built many pipelines for more Russian gas/oil.

They tried the Great Reset already; it failed.  For two years they had us locked down except for essential workers. Somehow, we were supposed to get used to being told what to do and how to do it. Yes, they trotted out the vaccines and passports, but there was a lot of increasing resistance. Jobs and businesses demanded to reopen and technology came to the rescue for millions; remote working away from the office. In several US states (Texas, Florida, and others), their Plan was rejected quickly, unlike most European countries.

The Great Reset Plan was for a small group of Elites to take/seize power with the Pandemic and never give it up. The Plan included importing the surveillance technologies that were financed for China. Somehow, that has failed, but not for a lack of trying. Brexit, Donald Trump, and remote working were unexpected blocks to their Plan; China and the EU stopped being positive role models

Meanwhile, there is Russia. Putin shut down the Russian Central Bank and drove the Banksters away (or in jail). He was supposed to be part of their Plan, but was not playing along; he has his own agenda. So, what has happened? Yes, Putin invaded Ukraine and that is horrible; Russia is losing that war on several fronts. But, what about Globalism? Remember, that is totally based on “Free”, Peaceful trade on the high seas. As soon as the shooting started in the Black Sea, all commercial shipping stopped; no insurance for damaged/sunken ships.

What does that mean? No grain exports from Russia or Ukraine. The last time grain shipments were interrupted was in 2010; we all got a doubling or tripling of wheat costs and events we call the “Arab Spring.” What else? All oil, natural gas, coal, potash (a fertilizer), and several strategic metals are not being shipped by sea. There are still all those pipelines, but what about the sanctions? What about the Ukrainians? Will the pipelines be stopped?

All of a sudden Germany and most of Europe realize that they are too dependent on Russia for energy; some are too dependent to do anything different. Germany and the UK do an about-face and re-embrace coal mines, oil, and nuclear power; Net Zero is history in a blink of real politique. The entire Global Warming/Carbon Dioxide is evil campaign has been kicked to the side. But hey, they did get very expensive food and fuel, even if it was not from high-cost Green Alternatives. Be watchful.

Is China going to invade Taiwan? Not if they do not want to be sanctioned like Russia! Besides, will shooting break out between China and Taiwan? Yes, and that will be the end of all exports leaving China and all of the imported oil, natural gas, coal, iron ore, and computer chips (when it can get them). A six-month war over Taiwan would collapse China faster than it is already collapsing.

Again, Russia and China are both failed states and, again, neither of them have any working nuclear weapons.

Globalism has failed politically in Europe and the US; we had Brexit, Trump, Bolsanaro, Modi, Morrison and many European countries are moving towards the Populist Right (Culture and Tradition). Politics used to be about Labor and Capital, but now it is about Globalism/ists and Culture/Tradition. Many supply chains are moving/have been moved back from Asia. Immigration has become a problem; not a solution. The EU is collapsing while NATO has been revitalized; all thanks to Russia’s invasion. The EU has always done the bidding of Germany; the Euro is not working out for Greece, Italy, Spain, and Portugal. The breach between the North and South is not getting healed (or even addressed).

Yes, Biden/Harris/Pelosi are Globalists/Deep Staters, but they are failing badly. Everyone knows that they stole the 2020 election and that time will fix it.

I cannot end without saying Globalism is old, negative (Darkness) energy that is a holdover from Pisces energies. How Aquarian energies will deal with Russia and Ukraine will be interesting. The Great Reset had already failed, but Putin’s invasion killed Globalism dead, dead, dead. Some of them just do not know it.

Interesting thought: if $Billions can be seized from Russian Oligarchs, can $Billions be seized from the Banksters/Deep Staters/Covid Monsters?

Love, Light and Laughter,


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