A New World!

Russia has lost. So, too, has China.

But, so has the Liberal World Order or Davos/WEF/Great Reset/Deep State/EU. When they sanctioned Russia using SWIFT, that was the end of the era of Globalism; SWIFT is what made Globalism work, it connected all of the transactions everywhere. Without SWIFT, the entire Global supply chain system collapses.

But SWIFT remains, doesn’t it? Yes, but fatally damaged. The world woke up and realized that the United States and the EU have complete control over the world finances; at any time, any other country could be thrown out of SWIFT for any reason (not just invading a country). The precedent has been set; it will be used (abused) again.

Russia has started an anti-SWIFT; it will only sell its export products (oil, gas, wheat, strategic metals, fertilizer, etc.) for Rubles. Russia is the world’s largest exporter of wheat and oil and is second in gas and fertilizer. It is up there in several strategic metals.  So countries that are dependent on Russia for these products will pay in Rubles; that will create a demand for Rubles and countries will acquire them as part of their foreign reserves like they do with Dollars (USD). As long as Russia has products that are in demand, Rubles will be increasingly valuable.

What else? Russia has cut itself off from the EU and United States financially; they have their own credit card system. They have also disconnected/been disconnected from the Central Bank system. They are still connected to the Chinese financial system; at least for now. India is still supportive and is trying to buy Russian oil, but may not be able to get to it in the Black Sea. India, Russia, and China are developing their own alternative to SWIFT; many other countries will join in when it works. The old adage about not putting all of your eggs in one basket is at play. Essentially, the Globalist World Order has shot itself in the foot. SWIFT will work as it is for a while, but things will move into other/new systems. Global supply chains are already messed up by Covid Port Closures and manufacture lockdowns, but the new warzones will tend to destroy peaceful free trade.

If the Chinese try to seize Taiwan, that will be another warzone with no commercial shipping vessels; all it takes is one shot fired or ship sunk. Such a warzone could apply to the entire South China Sea (Vietnam, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, the Philippines). Japan could go around. Any country sanctioning China would be able to stop all Chinese oil, gas, coal, food, raw materials in the Indian Ocean; sink or seize. China depends on imports for 80% of these items. If sanctioned like this, China would cease to exist as a Nation-state in six months or so.

Of concern; there will be oil, gas, and food shortages. This will be unavoidable. This will be justification for many countries to be aggressive in trying to get their share; our world has become a far less peaceful place; there will be many localized warzones.

So, yes, Globalism is dead. Everyone will try to bring their supply chains back, but what about chips? Taiwan is the chipmaker for the world; at least for now. Russia, China, India, and most of the EU depend on importing high-tech, especially chips; they cannot close themselves off completely.

Will there be international shipping? Yes, but the ships will have to sail in convoys; like World War II. Groups of commercial ships will require a naval warship escort or two. Piracy is already here but will be worse.  Insurance rates will go up, up, and UP. But then, so will fuel prices for ships and airplanes. Our world will be very different.

Will the US Navy be there? Perhaps. Or not. Russia and China will be forced to escort their ships; same for the EU unless they can get NATO to do so. Britain, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and the United States (with Mexico) will work together. Japan will be part of that group, but not sure about India. India has its own Navy that is quite capable.

Expect the US Navy to leave the Persian Gulf soon as the United States will be energy independent (again) soon. What will happen if the Saudis and  Iranians get into a regional war? Oh shit, where will the world get its oil/gas? Maybe Russia after the war, but there will be reparations; think, all/some of the Russian foreign reserves that were frozen?

The US Dollar will remain the Reserve Currency; not the Pound, not the Euro, not the Yuan, not the Ruble, not the Yen. The Petrodollar has lost its position already; oil for Rubles and Yuan. But still, the US is the number one or two producer of oil, natural gas, and huge quantities of food and tech; countries will still need them as foreign reserves. The US Dollar has been debased greatly, but all of the other fiat currencies have been debased even more/worse. The Chinese Yuan is being massively inflated by copy machines all over China; their Digital Yuan will make things even worse.

Globalism is the child of the Central Bank system; SWIFT was created in 1973 as a means to gain more control over national banks. They don’t realize it yet, but the Federal Reserve (a private corporation) and the Central Banks (also private corporations) are dead as well. When countries decide to spend more on defense and borders, finances and what the bankers are doing will come under greater scrutiny; follow the money. The Federal Reserve Note will be replaced by a US Treasury Note that will be backed by gold or a combination of gold and Bitcoin.

Do not short Bitcoin; it will get to $100,000 soon and probably $250,000 by 2025 (according to my Source). Tune into your head nods and shakes.

Love, Light and Laughter,



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