The Great Return

Happy St Patrick’s Day! if a bit late.

I have been writing about the takeover of Light and Right-Spin energy. It is happening before our very eyes.

The most obvious example is the rise of the political outsider in the United States; this would not be happening if Darkness still ruled.

OK. On the first of the year, Light, finally, began taking over in an operational sense. With each passing day, more and more Light/Right-Spin energy has been pouring into our world.

There is a large enough build-up of powre now, that big changes will begin to become visible. They have been grinding in the background, but have not been visible until now.

The first big change is called the Great Return; we have far too many powerful Left-Spinners that run our world and it’s time to send them back to Spirit. Yes, that means to kill them off; we are all immortal beings that die and then, get reborn over and over again. Some call this the Wheel of Life.

The Great Return, as part of the takeover of Light, will take these pieces off of the Chess Board so that they can be reborn on some other planet; not here on Earth.

Look for powerful people to begin to die, in large numbers, over the next 14 days; this will just be the beginning.

Who are these powerful Left-Spinners? Politicians, Bankers, Judges, Professors, Generals, Bureaucrats and what we generally think of as the Elites and their extended families/networks. You know, the movers and shakers who only think of or care about themselves.

The Great Return will tend to be a bit random; getting rid of Dark types from everywhere. So… In about 14 days later, the Darkest of the Dark program will be run to get rid of the Darkest assholes left standing.

I know, I have talked about these programs before. Yes, they have been running, but did not have enough powre in them; that has changed and they are becoming visible and very real.  The world is beginning to change, finally.

For those who do not know what “Dark” or “Left-Spin” means, think fear, force, control and resistance to change-for-the-better. “Light” or “Right-Spin” is the opposite.

Love, Light and Laughter,


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