What is an Energy Vampire?

I speak a lot about being a Left- or Right-Spinner or of being dominated by Darkness or Light.

For you Right-Spinners, you encounter people who “suck” your energy; they will come up to you and just drain you of your energy.

It is OK to think of them as energy suckers, but I prefer the name Energy Vampires. These Vampires are very strong Left-Spinners, in the 90% or above range, but they want to make themselves look like they are Right-Spinners.

Why? Because they want to appear to be “of the Light” to get into relationships with Right-Spinners. Why? Because Right-Spin energy is taking over and becoming the dominant energy. Many of us Right-Spinners have had to deal with these Vampires and eventually, we just tell them to go away.

OK. What to do about these Vampires?  Simple. We are all biological computers; we are the operators, system administrators and the programmers of our Selves. Here are a couple of programs to install, and then, run into your Selves.

Say aloud or to your Self,

“My energy is my own. No one may take my energy without my permission.”

Now, say “Install it and run it.”


“My energy is my own. No one may give me any unwanted energy without my permission.”

Now, say “Install it and run it.”

There, you have used your first Majikal Spells to shield your Self from Vampires and Spells.

Ok. We have discussed the what they are and what to do about Them.

If you have energy that the Vampire want, you are already “talking” to your Self; your Spirit Guide or whatever you want to call your Self. That means that you are already asking questions and getting answers.

“Is this person an Energy Vampire?” becomes one of your most important questions now and in the future.  Ask this question of any new person in your life.  Ask this question about people you have had problems with.

Remember, these Vampires go to significant effort to make themselves look like the kind of person that you want to be around, but it is all a LIE.  Vampires are the ultimate Liars. Asking if a Vampire is “of the Light” is not adequate; of course they are of the Light when they have just stolen a lot of Light from someone.

Just like Googling, you must use the correct key words; use the Energy Vampire.

OK. For Americans. Who are the Energy Vampires running for President? On the Republican side they are Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio and John Kasich.  All of these men are very strong Left-Spinners who have taken great pains to look like they are for freedom, choice, truth, integrity and change-for-the-better.

That leaves Donald Trump; is he really a Right-Spinner? YES, but he has had to disguise himself as a Left-Spinner to be successful in a Left-Spinner world. The world is astonished that he is doing so well, but he had the powre of Light/Right-Spin behind him.

How about Bernie and Hillary? Yes, they are both Energy Vampires and very Dark indeed. Can they win? Not a chance with the full powre of Light/Right-Spin against them.

In one of my books, I write about Reptilian DNA implants that have been put into politicians and finance types.  Guess what, Hillary and Bernie and Marco and John all have implants that facilitate Mind Control. Ted Cruz does not have an implant, but he is very Dark masquerading as someone who very Light.

Love, Light and Laughter,



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