The Local “Earth” Gods Have Been Deflated

On every planet where people exist, “Gods” are created by the worship of the people.  This has been true from the beginning.

In the days when men believed in multiple Gods, they were created.  We had the Greek, Sumerian, Babylonian, Hittite,  Egyptian, Indian, Norse, Incan, Mayan and Aztec Gods, among others.  As men changed their beliefs towards monotheism, these “Gods” became deflated; they lost their power to give things to their worshipers.  These “Gods” were only able to obtain the power to give from the worship of the many.  These old “Gods” still exist, but are a shadow of their former selves; all of their worshipers now worship other “Gods.”

Today, these new “Gods”are Buddha, Jesus and Allah and all of these “Gods” have millions of worshipers.  Consequently, these new “Gods” have a lot of power to give things to their worshipers.

In my last post, I told you that the eons-long dynamic in the battle between Darkness and Light had been changed.  A third force has been inserted into the mix and now, the power/powre has been equally divided between them.  But, this has just happened.

Many of you do not know that Darkness and Light, and now, Turquoise have “homes” on Earth.  Light makes its home in Crater Lake in Oregon in the Pacific Northwest of the United States; it is one of the US National Parks.  Darkness lives in a six-foot-cubed, Black, obsidian rock that is called the Qua’ba in Mecca in Saudi Arabia.  This rock has been worshipped by people of the region for thousands of years and is now the central place for the worship of Allah; the Haj or Pilgrimage is focused on this rock.  Allah and Darkness are one.

Allah is the only “God” that tells his worshipers that it is ok to “convert” new followers by the sword or bomb; this is how Islam has been spread from the beginning.  Somehow, in Islam, its ok to be a suicide bomber, even women.  Islam is not just a religion, it is a political force with a primary goal of making Darkness/Allah, the secular ruler of the Earth.  Whenever a group of Muslims reach more than 1,000, they demand Sharia Law for themselves and those around them.  Islam is not a religion like Buddhism or Christianity,  it is much more like Communism or Fascism. From my perspective, Sharia Law cannot be removed from Islam; therefore, Islam is not a religion of freedom and cannot be protected under the First Amendment of the US Constitution.  In much of the Muslim World, the Bible is outlawed and you will be arrested if you bring one with you.

Ok.  What does all of this have to do with battles between Darkness and Light, and, now Turquoise?

Remember, Darkness has had 80 percent of the power in our world for the past 10,800 years.  The world has been subject three decades of Terrorism at the hands of Muslims who have been trying to bring the Caliphate or Political Rule of Allah back into the world.  It is not now, nor has it ever been about freedom of religion for Allah/Darkness.  Remember, Darkness is all about fear, force and control.

Now, today, the power between Darkness, Light and Turquoise is equally divided by thirds.  Light and Turquoise have banded together to oppose Darkness; that is a new reality.  One of the first actions that has been taken against Darkness is to deflate the power that Allah has to give to his worshippers.  When taking action against one, it must be applied to all, so the same deflation of power has been applied to Buddha and Jesus.  Effective today, prayers will not be answered when praying to Allah, Buddha or Jesus (or any of the other locally created “Gods”); there is no power/powre to do so.

So… You are saying that we, Humans, have no-one to pray to or to ask for intercession?  No, of course not.  I have said over-and-over again that we are Creators and can create best on 14-days.  Because so many of us are oriented towards Darkness (are made up of more than 50 percent Darkness), we tend to want to give our power away to these “Gods.”  All of us can turn inward and speak to our Spirit Guides/Inner Beings, but this is an idea that has been resisted by Darkness forever.  All of us can invite our Divine Selves into our bodies/lives and this cannot be resisted.  Do that!  Invite your Divine Self in and keep doing it until all of your Divine Self is present in you.

This is a Good News Day.

Love, Light and Laughter,




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