The “MIssing” Link

Anthropologists have been looking for the “missing” link for decades.  What this means is that the fossil evidence does not reflect the rapid advancement of Homo Sapien or the Cro-Magnon Man; there is something missing, how did mankind evolve so quickly? How did we get to modern Man (and Woman)?

The answer is very simple; the Annunaki (Spacemen or SpaceLizards from Planet X) landed on Earth 50,000 years ago. There were only 400 of them and they only brought 6 females (for the leaders). These are the cream of the crop from their world; they are what we call Astronauts. They came here looking for gold and diamonds that they needed for their world.

Guess what? The Annunaki Astronauts did not want to become hard rock miners digging for gold and diamonds. What was the solution? Slaves.

The Annunaki scientists already were proficient in DNA manipulation and proceeded to mix their Annunaki DNA with that of various primates here on Earth. At first, they were only able to make “mules” who could not reproduce, but soon they found the correct mix of genes to allow these slave populations to reproduce without interference.

The Annunaki Astronauts were overjoyed; they had “women” to have sex with and more DNA was introduced into the slave populations via mixed births; the Bible calls these mixed birth children Nephilim or Demi-Gods.

You see, the Annunaki Astronauts were considered to be Gods by the Slave Populations that they created; they had rockets, airplanes, helicopters, ships, submarines, communication devices and wondrous weapons. They also lived for thousands of years.

OK. Let’s talk about the DNA. If you watch television at all these days, you keep being told about DNA testing and that we “Humans” have 23 pairs of genes in our DNA. What they are not telling you is that 14 pairs of genes for most people on the planet come from the Annunaki infusion.  That is the missing link; most of the genetic material that makes most of us “Human-like” came from beings that evolved as reptilians or lizards.

You must realize that the Annunaki knew they were creating slaves and wanted them to be capable of being directed and, even, capable of directing themselves, but they were not supposed to be very intelligent.

Because they did not bring enough Annunaki females, the Annunaki males took slave population females as mates and procreated abundantly; this changed the “Intelligence” balance among certain slave populations. This was particularly true among the Neanderthal-based slaves who were the primary administrative slaves and the Chinese-based slaves.  The Neanderthal-based slaves evolved into what we call “Jews” today and enough additional “Intelligence” went into the Chinese populations that Orientals are considered to be as “Intelligent” or more “Intelligent” as the Jews.

So… What is there in those alien genes that we have to be concerned about? The Reptilian-Lizard genes evolved successfully with a social engineering concept that was embedded; the Hive or the collective. This is what has caused the rise of the cities in our world, but more specifically, the rise of the ghetto or slum.

Another area of concern is a set of genes that enables mental control over the masses of slave population peoples. Think about it, if you are going to have large concentrations of people living in a Hive or collective, you must have some form of mental control for the leaders.

So…We all think of ourselves as “Human,” but some of us are more Human than others.

The Jews, the Yellows, the Browns, the Reds and the Black peoples of the world were all created as slave populations by and for the Annunaki; most as canon-fodder in the wars between the two Annunaki Royal brothers: En-Lil and En-Ki.

How very un-PC of me.

Love, Light and Laughter,


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