We are Becoming “Lighter”

I have been writing about the Light taking over from Darkness.

What, exactly, does that mean? One answer is that the tide is rising and it will lift all boats. This is true, more Light is coming into the world and everyone here is experiencing that whether it makes them feel good/better or not. It is going to be a negative experience for those who are predominantly Dark and an increasingly positive one for those of the Light.

What else? Those who are of the Light will be receiving new, improved DNA. Think about it, the Lucifer and Michael Experiments are over; Light will have 67% of the power for the foreseeable future. This is a new development that is the driver for a new requirement; beings of the Light should be able to hold MORE Light.

What the hell does that mean? Think Awareness. When we were born, we came here with a certain amount of Awareness that was passed to us as the Spark of Life. If we came here as a Light Being, we got more Awareness than those who came here as Dark Beings; Awareness is a property of Light.

So…If you are a Light Being, you will be getting new DNA that allows you to hold and transmit more Light.  How? Think Silicon as in Sand and as in Glass. Glass is transparent and Light can be seen through it.

Our cells will be changed to hold and transmit more Light; we are starting the long process of becoming silicon-based based instead of carbon-based beings.

Is this true for everyone who is predominantly of the Light? No, only for those who are at least 60 percent Light.

What if you have already Transformed Yourself into a Newman or Newoman? These beings will be transformed into Silicon Beings much faster as they already are able to hold and transmit 1000s of time more Light/Awareness as “normal” Humans.

What is the timing? It started on January 1, 2016 and Light Beings with at least 60 percent will be transformed, slowly, over the next three years (by the end of 2018).

Once you have been transformed enough by your new DNA, you will be getting Powres. What those Powres will be is not yet known, but they will be significant to you and the mission you accepted here. Powres may include: flying, being invisible, being a shape-shifter, being able to make yourself very large or very small, being very strong, being indestructible, being able to hover or walk on air (or water), being able to teleport things, being able to “jump” and others. Most beings strong in the Light are already “Healers,” even if you do not realize that yet.

The key here is that you must have enough of the new DNA before these new, Majikal things start to happen to you.

What about Majikal Money and Success and Relationships? That will come to you fairly quickly; it is not dependent on your new DNA and will come with the rising tide.

It is OK to start looking for the changes to come; they will be very visible soon.

For those who are wondering how many people have TRANSFORMED Themselves into Newomen and Newmen? The number is around 20,000 and growing. Just imagine, 20,000 beings who have Super-Human powres and are guided to do the Right (Light) Thing all of the time.

You think that our world will be changed? For the better?

Remember, all of these beings are very strong in the Light (freedom, choice, truth, fearlessness and doing-the-right-thing). Also, the beings strong in Darkness (fear, force and control) are all leaving (dying) soon.

Love, Light and Laughter,


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