The New Energy Templates Hit Tomorrow

Welcome to the last day of the Old Energy.  As of mid-night tonight, wherever you are, the old Piscean energy templates will be gone and will be replaced by new Aquarian energy templates.

Ok, What the Hell does that mean?  I’ll give you a few examples and you will have to make inferences for how you see your world.  I have been around for 60 plus years and have seen many changes; some have been wonderful, like the Internet and some have been incredibly negative like the growth of dependency on Big Government throughout the world.

People wonder how there can be such a political divide between the right and left in our world.  Some people see it as the struggle between makers and takers, but it is much simpler than that.  On one of my other websites,, I am selling a book entitled “Reptilian Wars – A 50,000 Year Update.”  Many of you have heard or read about the Annunaki, who came here from Nibiru about 50,000 years ago.  There were only 406 of them and they came in search of gold and diamonds.  When they found great quantities of both here on Earth, they decided they needed to create intelligent-enough salves to do the mining for them.  By adding their DNA to the DNA of existing Primates here on Earth, they created what we call Homo Sapiens;  it was the Annunaki Reptilian DNA that gave us a huge step forward and some scientists think about this as the “missing” link.

In this Annunaki DNA, they purposefully included instruction sets that essentially said anything good for the larger group is the correct way to go.  About 55 percent of the world population is descended from that  extended slave population and they all have significant degrees of internal command structures that tell them Big Government is good; what’s good for the Hive is good for all.  This is how the ideas of Communism, Socialism and Big Government have grown so powerful; these slave descendants don’t have a lot of choice in how they view the world.  It is “hardwired” into their DNA.

The Annunaki were very efficient in creating many slave races that were used as Armies to fight proxy wars for them; this includes most of the peoples of Africa, the Middle East, India, China, Australia and many “native” peoples.  What’s left?  About 3,500 years ago, 50,000 Warrior-Colonists from seven Pleiadian Planets landed in a region we call Europe.  There was a vast war going on between these Human Planets and a Reptilian race that had conquered the Annunaki.

Ok.  I will now get back on track.  During the past 12,800 years (since the end of Leo – the last “Golden Age”), we have been in various ages, the last three being Taurus, Aries and Pisces, that supported “follow the leader” and “big government” energies.  Every time we transitioned from one to the other, there were minor energetic differences, but were generally supportive of the pre-existing energy templates.


In the energetic templates that take over tomorrow, there is no (none, zip, nada) energetic support for “follow the leader” or “big government” or what’s good for the Hive.  All of our institutions that are based on male-dominated hierarchical structures will no longer have an energetic foundation.  The UN, the EU, the US GOVERNMENT (IRS, BATF, FEMA, DOED, DOE, EPA, etc.), the WTO, the WHO, the North American Union, and all of the One-Worlders-Black Helicopter types are losing their energetic foundations today.

Think about it; how is this going to change our world?  For the 45 percent who believe in self-responsibility and self-reliance and trusting the Universe to provide (call them the makers), this change will bring a return to sanity.  For the takers; it is going to be a big adjustment.  Perhaps too big an adjustment.

Again, the energetic foundation for everything is being changed.  And, in many cases, it is being changed radically towards freedom, choice, truth, integrity, self-reliance and self-responsibility.  Will there be an energetic foundation for food stamps?  Welfare?  Medicare?  Medicaid?  ObamaCare? Social Security?  No.  Not as we know them now.

Ok.  What about all of these slave descendants?  Sorry, they are all , mostly, losing their energetic foundations for continuing here on Planet Earth.  They all have a “ticket to ride” to another place and another time and must “leave” Earth in large numbers.  None of this is personal;  it is all about very large energetic shifts that are occurring and what old energies are still being supported.

So….. those remaining here on Earth will all be “in-tune” with the new Aquarian energy and they will all receive Majikal Powres to lesser and greater degrees.  This puts a whole new spin on the “Left Behind” theories.

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