Lightworker, you are a Majikan, not a Magician

There are two kinds of Magic in the world.  We all know about the distinction between Dark Magic and White or Light Magic.  What most of us do not know is that Dark Magic is spelled (pun intended) as the word “Magic” and that Light Magic is spelled “Majik.”  Same pronunciation, but very different words.

On this site you can read about the differences between Darkness and Light; one is fear, force and control and the other is freedom, choice and truth.  Well, Magic is all about fear and control while Majik is about freedom to create without fear, force or control.

Our world has been through 10,800 years where 80 percent of the power was Magic leaving only 20 percent as Majik.  The vast majority of our politicians and billionaires are all successful practitioners of Magic.  Well, Pilgrim, Majik, now, has 80 percent of the Powre.   That’s right, Majikal Powre is “spell”-ed differently; same pronunciation, but very different words.

Did you pick up on the word “Spell”?  Whenever we think in terms of Magic/Majik, we think in terms of spells. OK  Lightworker, you now know about Majik, Powre and Spell; use these together consciously.  Add Image to them and Paint and Write and Carve and Sound; these are all five-letter powre words for using Majikal Powres.

Many of you Lightworkers have wondered why it was so hard to be “successful” in terms of money and choices and why you were so limited in your choices so far in this life.  The answer is that you were heavy in Majikal Powre and not in Magical Power.  Unless your Majikal Powre was hidden, Dark Powers blocked you at every turn.  Now, and for the next 2,160 years, Majik is the dominant powre; it is going to be a series of very bad days for all of the dark magic practitioners.  They will lose their money, their power and, for many, who cannot adapt, their lives.

What is a computer or smart phone?  They are both Majikal Spell-machines that use digit-al data to create programs or software (spells) that are Image-d and Sound-ed back to us.  Now, you can start using these powre words with Majik to create more powrefully.

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