The Old World is Crumbling

The old political system and the old industrial technologies are falling off the cliff and they do not know it. It used to be that you had to have coal or fuel oil or natural gas to heat your home (or wherever). Now, you dig a trench grid in your back yard, lay some cheap plastic pipe (down 6 feet) and keep yourself warm in the coldest winter (or cool in the hottest summer) by pumping air through that grid. At 6 feet down (or roughly 2 meters), the air in that grid is a constant 54° F (12.22 ° C); you might have to wear a sweater, but it is a great temperature to start heating (or cooling) from another source.

This is not something new, but it has been suppressed in our consciousness. We always thought in terms of wood for the fire, then coal, then fuel oil and now, natural gas. Of course, there is also electricity, but that is expensive and increasingly unreliable. If we had to, a bicycle could be set up to pump the air. Most of us will stay connected to the Grid and continue to pay huge amounts for our heat, but the option is there and it is almost free.

I just put up a Post on my invention site,, discussing how we can modify radio waves (safe, very low power) to be kinetic and heat up the air. This could apply to houses, apartments, tents, sleeping bags, and vehicles. The batteries to run this Kinetic RF device can be solar charged, just like your phones.

There are many future changing technologies to explore and think about. I highly recommend it to all of you.

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