The Pleiadians are Amongst Us

Recently, I wrote about the Pleiadian Humans who came here as Warrior-Colonists about 3,500 years ago.  Yes, there were 50,000 and they were from seven (7) different Human Planets.  They landed in the region we call Europe and we think of them as European Whites.  Yes, they evolved as different people with different European languages on seven different worlds; none of them – Earth.  This is where the German, French, Italian, Spanish, Polish, Hungarian and Slav languages came from.  All other European languages, including English, have evolved here.

They came here to Earth because they and their Planets were at war with an invading race called the Reptilian Overlords.  The Reptilians had invaded two Human worlds and exterminated the Humans there; this was a war of no quarter.  Before landing the Warrior-Colonists, Pleiadian Space Forces had thoroughly destroyed four (4) large Reptilian Hives and numerous sub-Hives here on Earth.  The Warrior-Colonist were landed to complete any additional destruction of Reptilian forces here and to hold the planet if the Reptilians re-invaded.

Unbeknownst to the Pleiadian Space Forces, the Reptilians had a fifth (5th) major Hive under the ice in Antarctica which was not detected and not destroyed.  The Reptilians sent diplomatic signals and a truce was established for Planet Earth only.  You ask why a truce would apply?  Most of the population of “Humans” on Earth were slave races created by the Reptilian allies who called themselves the Annunaki.  The Pleiadians Space Forces did not know that a Reptilian Hive still survived and agreed to a truce for Earth only; the Warrior-Colonist were landed and appeared to thriving.

The slave races created by the Annunaki were a mix of Annunaki-Reptilian DNA genetically engineered into various indigenous Primate from all over Planet Earth.  The Annunaki came to Earth originally to mine gold and diamonds, but only came with about 400 males; they needed slave labor preform the mining and desired to have women as sexual companions.  Many of the Primates used to create Homo Sapiens did not survive the process and became extinct; this is what happened to the Neanderthals from what we call Europe.  It also explains why there was no indigenous population to contest the landings of the Pleiadian Warrior-Colonists.

Unfortunately for the Earth, the conditions of the Truce were to sever all communications between the Pleiadians Space Forces and the Warrior-Colonists; they were left to fend for themselves and soon turned to fighting amongst themselves and, eventually, conquering the known World; we call that the European Colonization.

The Pleiadian Space Forces did not know what to do with the millions, now billions, of slave populations created by the Annunaki-Reptilians and decided to collect data and study the problem before taking any action.  Meanwhile, the Reptilian Hidden Hive began expanding itself into the five original Hive locations again; Alsace-Lorraine in Europe, near Perth in Australia, south of the Pyramids in Egypt, in New Mexico, USA and Antarctica.

Ok.  There is a huge problem here.  When the Annunaki and Reptilians created these slave races, they included a kind of telepathy that is unique to the Reptilian Hive system; we call this “Mind Control” today.  So, as the Reptilian Hive expanded into all 5 Hives again, the Reptilians were able to use Mind Control on the slave races with greater and greater success. This was something the Pleiadians Space Forces were unaware about until recently, since the year 2000.

There have been dramatic developments in the wars between Pleiadian Humans and the Reptilians-Annunaki-Grey allies.  Without going into detail; the Pleiadian Humans defeated the Reptilians in several large Space engagements and learned how to defeat all Reptilians forces here on Earth in a stealthy way; they jammed the Hive Queens.  For more details, see my ebook Reptilian Wars – A 50,000 Year Update at

Now, we are finally free of the Reptilian Mind-Control or at least the Reptilian part of it.  I am going to digress a bit; think of the many wars that have been fought on Earth over the last 300 years.  There was the first world-wide war between France, Holland, Spain and England which included the American Revolution; lots of fighting in the Caribbean and India.  Then there was the Napoleonic Wars, the American Civil War, the War of 1870, the Spanish-American War, WW1 and WW2.  The odd thing is that most of the fighting and blood spilled came from Europeans or European Colonists.  The reason for this is that the Reptilians did not have a Mind-Control capability over the Pleiadian Human Warrior-Colonists and engineered ways to kill off as many of them as possible in wars and diseases.

Over the past 100 years, or so, Europe and much of world has experienced a collectivist philosophy and system of governance called Socialism or Communism or Fascism which was almost responsible to another bloodbath, but WW3 did not happen.  This is a direct result of Reptilian Mind-Control over our leaders in the Western World; yep, the Reptilians started kidnapping people and putting DNA implants in them.  This allowed the Reptilians to exercise nearly total Mind-Control over both the slave race and Pleiadian Human leaders.   Anyone who was implanted this way was instructed to go into politics, government and finances.  Unfortunately, most of our political leaders, everywhere on Earth, are implants who have been doing the work of the Hive – Big Government, Big Labor and the destruction of Freedom.

In 2000, when the Pleiadian Space Forces found out about the extent of the Mind-Control in the slave races, they started landing Pleiadian Human men and women here to collect genetic information on the people of Earth.  They are amongst us now and look exactly like anyone who is of white European heritage.  Their major issue is they cannot allow any Reptilian DNA-Primate Hybrids to leave Earth because of the susceptibility to Reptilian Mind-Control.  It turns out that the Reptilians had a plan to infiltrate Earth “Humans” onto other Human Planets to assist in the invasion and conquering.

Many of us are awaiting the arrival of Extra Terrestrials; many of us are them; they are here amongst us now; and have been protecting us for thousands of years.  We live in Interesting Times.

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