The Takers have driven the Makers Away

The people have had a ringside seat on the Tyranny of the Left. By that, I mean the abuse of the people by the Left-Spinner Mayors and Governors who have mandated excessive lock-downs during the Covid19/CCP Virus.

This virus was the perfect opportunity to use Fear, Force and Control to push their agendas and they have done so relentlessly. From driving the old, frail and most vulnerable seniors to their deaths in the nursing homes to not allowing people to worship to keeping most businesses closed, the agenda was to prevent any freedoms and to try to kill the economic activity in our big cities (All ruled by the Far Left).

It did not matter how far the destruction was going; their plan was simple, keep the lock-down going until the November Election. Destroy the lives of millions of people just to ensure that Trump was not elected again.

This Left set of politicians are all Mind Controlled Implants. They were all doing as they have been told to do. It did not matter to the Puppet Masters behind the scenes, the people would complain, but they were even more Mind Controlled and would rebuild like ants repairing their nests.

That is an important analogy; most of our big cities are populated by people who have genes that are supportive of the Hive Mind. This is a legacy of the creation of most of the world’s population by the Annunaki. They mixed their Hive mind genes with primates to establish slave populations around the world.

The Hive Mind is one that supports crowded conditions where people are living on top of each other. These people are uniformly oriented towards fear, force and control. Yes, the vast majority are Left-Spinners.

In any city there are always two groups of people. You can call them the law abiding and criminals, but a better term is the Makers and the Takers. The Makers are the hard working people who plan ahead, follow the law, pay their taxes, send their children to school and thank their God. They save and invest for the future. The Takers are the opposite.

Society is always in tension between these two groups. As long as the Makers are being supported and the Takers being “controlled,” things tend to progress “normally.” When the political class decides that the Takers can roam/riot freely burning, destroying and killing, the Makers realize that they can no longer make anything. Their choice is either to hunker down and wait until the Takers are put back in the “controlled” category or to leave.

What is happening in our great cities, all over the world, is an exodus. Technology has evolved, suddenly, which enables millions to work from home. They no longer have to stay in the cramped, crowded, expensive, jam-packed cities and can work from the suburbs or, even, the exurbs further out.

Those who can are leaving. Many of those leaving are more well off and have less of the Hive Mind.

This site talks about a shift in energy going on in our world. The Hive mind is very dark, it supports many packed into a small area and requires that everyone follow the rules of the collective. No individualism allowed. No individual freedoms allowed.

What we are seeing in our big cities is the fleeing of the Makers. I just saw a video of New York City’s 5th Avenue all boarded-up with no one/no people on the street. It seems that apartment vacancies are at crises levels and will continue to worsen. What does this mean?

The tax base is leaving. The police are being defunded and de legitimized. Crime and violence are on the rise rapidly. People (the Makers) are not safe.

These once great cities are degenerating into lawless cesspools of mostly Takers. What is going to happen when the Takers run out of things to take? Simple, they will move out to the suburbs where the Makers are. In the US, look at Seattle, Portland, Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco and NYC. In Europe, look at London, Paris and Rome.

We are about to find ourselves in a new kind of Civil War. This is not going to be about labor versus capitalism (the old Left vs Right), but about the destroyers versus the builders (Takers vs Makers). Darkness has lost a lot of its power and is desperate to hold on. The Left has moved much further Left and has embraced anarchy in the form of Antifa. This is a worldwide phenomenon.

In the United States, the Makers still have guns and lots of them. When the Takers come out of the cities, the suburbs will become the war zone. In much of the rest of the world, the Left has disarmed most of the people. Firearms will become legal again soon. The police will not be there and the military may or may not secure the peace. Militia groups will rise everywhere armed with whatever is available. The Police and former Police will be joining in large numbers.

Sadly, this is all part of the Energetic Shift going on. The Shift began in late December 2012 and will be completed by January 2022. The transition from Pisces to Aquarius will take nine (9) years; nine is always the number of completion.

Take heart. We only have sixteen months before the Left loses all (or most) of its power. Perhaps, this craziness will only last until November, but, then, the destroyed cities will have to bailed out. Is that going to happen?

Once we hit 2022, the energies will have shifted. The tantrums of the Left will not be allowed to continue. More importantly, they will not have the power to do so.

All of the Energetic Changes are likely to be completed by 2022. That means all of the Earth Changes as well. All of you Makers, look to each other. Band together and get a far away from the cities as you can.

Civilization will come back quickly in 2025, but that is a long 5 years from now. Plan for SHTF in many parts of the world. Be well.


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