What about Mind Control & the Implants?

For those of you who follow this site, one of my themes is the ongoing battles between Darkness and Light. I frequently describe it as a battle between Left- and Right-Spin as well.

What is going on now? The Deep State, working with the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) unleashed the Covid-19 or CCP Virus on the world. The target was to be the removal of Trump. They tried every other tactic and they all failed. So their last ditch ammunition was to destroy the economies of the world.

Their other last ditch plan was to overthrow the US Government from within. They called it their “16-Year Plan” and it involved moving their deep cover people into key positions of the US Government. This was an “Infiltration” coup, not an invasion.

As we all know, the Coup failed and is now being exposed slowly, but thoroughly.

We are also seeing a raising awareness to the rampant Human and Child Sex Trafficking that has been demanded by our Elites everywhere. Our Elites think of themselves as superior beings who have acquired immense wealth, political power and are above any of the laws of God or Man.

For many of us, this way of thinking is inconceivable. How can a Governor send 1000s of people to their death just to push the Virus Death Totals up? Not just one, but several.

How is it possible that these people can think that they can get away with sex slaves and cannibalism. Yes, many of these sex slaves are killed and eaten by our Elites. Got to do something to keep it secret. Search on Molech, the God of Child Sacrifice (use DDG) for a clue as to why.

So. Being Right- or Left-Spin gives us a clue about people’s orientation. And yes, these Elites are all hard Left-Spinners. That is a given, but it is not enough. How does a Mayor let rioters run rampant through his or her city based on political justifications. This goes beyond a failure in “common” sense; these people are, somehow, being guided by others.

What is this guidance? Let’s call it advanced technology; it is a very effective tool for mind control. Many of us have read about various CIA programs for Mind Control (think MK-Ultra). Say this technology actually exists.

What if you are a powerful group of Elites who have been in charge of our planet for 100s of years. You are the ruling Oligarchy whether you are called the Rothschilds, the Central Banksters or whatever.

This ruling Oligarchy, especially with the digital printing of $Billions in Fiat Currency, are the agents of Corruption in our world. They use this incredible wealth to buy everyone. That includes Presidents, Senators, Congressmen, Judges, CEOs, Generals and on and on.

So, sometime in the 1980s, this elite set of rulers finds out about Mind Control. The biggest problem the Elites has always had is the risk of another Elite deposing one of them.

This kind of goes back to Constantine the Great; he was a Roman Legion General who deposed the previous Emperor. He had to fight another Legion General to keep his spoils. Constantine decided to disband (defund) all of the Legions to keep from having to fight every few years or so. He got behind the creation of the Church as the new control mechanism for the people. Trouble happened when the Barbarians attacked; they were not Christians (Yet).

In the 1980s and 90s, the Elites developed an Implant that could be inserted into the people who wanted to join their Club. This was a wonderful Implant; it could feed thoughts that were supportive of the desired narrative and could measure resistance.

The Deep State was born. All of those people who wanted to join “The Club” lined up to receive their Implants. Not only that, they clamored to have their children implanted as well. This was a way to guarantee that their children and grandchildren would be part of the ruling Elite.

Wow, how big is this? In the US of A, it is about 50,000. Around the world, it is about another 25-30,000. Who are these people? Anyone with Power to include Political, Judicial, Financial, Bureaucratic, Business, Military, Medical, Pharmaceutical, Educational, Unions, NGOs, the UN, the EU, the CCP, etc.

So, most of those people who graduated from the Ivy League over the past 30 years are probably “Implants.” These Implants have taken over big business, the Wall Street Investment Houses/Banks, the Big Multi National Corporations, the Federal Reserve, the Hedge Funds. Think, how else were they able to send all (or most) of our manufacturing over to China.

What else? They took over the entire Big Education system; they are the leaders of the Universities. Same for the Judiciary at the Federal and State levels. Same for the Governors and Legislatures. Same for Senators and Congressmen/women. Wherever there was power, these people took over.

Important note: not everyone is a member of this club. Some have refused to join (must be Right-Spinners). Some have wanted to join, but were not allowed. We do have some people in Government who are there to do the Right Thing.

Wow. This explains how so many people can think so very wrongly. They were “Implanted” with Darkness on steroids. Yes, they all had to be Left-Spinners to even want the Implants, but the Implants allowed them to go much further Left; even more Fear, Force and Control.

There are 50,000 people in all of our positions of power (and wealth) who are being guided by someone behind the scenes/curtain? Yes.

Trump is not part of this club; they have tried to take him out continuously since he came down the escalator.

So. When the Ruling Oligarchy started rolling out their “Implant” program were they still concerned about the “controlled” Implantees going rouge. Yes. This was a wonderful new technology to achieve their 1000 Year Quest to control everything – the New World Order. But they had to be sure.

The Implant kept on being improved and the Elites had to keep coming back for the upgrades. One of the improvements made was a “kill” switch that would release deadly chemicals. This was their “Insurance” Policy.

What this means is that all of the Implants must comply with instructions, or they can be killed. Even worse, not only can they be killed, but their family members as well. This is the ultimate form of Blackmail.

The Implants live wonderful lives; rich, famous, sought after, but they must OBEY. They are actually, quite terrorized. Feel sorry for them? Don’t, they made their choices.

The above is all background. Many of us have been having a very difficult time trying to wrap our minds around how these people think. Why do they do what they do? It just did not make sense. This is an answer.

We are in August 2020. Somehow, the Trump Team keeps on winning against the Deep State even with their “kill” switch. How is this possible?

It goes back to the primary premise of this site; Light and Right-Spin energies are taking over/have taken over from Dark and Left-Spin energies. Yes, the Elites have been in charge for 100s and perhaps, 1000s of years, but that power was based on Fear, Force and Control.

The Deep State was going to crash the economy of the United States to stop Trump. That did not work, so they tried to crash the entire economy of the world (CCP Virus). It worked on the world, but not on the US. Meanwhile, Britain is leaving the EU without a deal and Italy is getting ready to just walk away.

China has become a pariah. It released the Covid-19 (CCP) Virus as a biological weapon on the world. This was an act of war and Trump has had to downplay it to keep the world out of a world war. That is exactly what the Deep State wanted. It would provide cover for the collapse of the Central Bank debt system.

Debt is and has been the primary method of controlling people everywhere. Fifty years ago a dollar could buy four loaves of bread; today, it costs $25. Back then, the male was the breadwinner and mom stayed home to raise the kids. Only the rich had credit.

Now, both parents must work to pay the bills. Everyone must have credit cards and the more credit you have, the higher your scores. An once of Gold was worth $35 back in 1930. That same once of Gold now sells for around $2,000 today. The Deep State/Central Banksters have designed this system to keep everybody enslaved.

This system is collapsing now. There is just too much debt and countries cannot pay it back. Even worse, vast groups of people cannot pay it back either. The Deep State desperately needs/wants a war. New debt can be taken on to replace the old cancelled debt, but the people’s debt is forever.

Bottom Line: The Deep State/Banksters are very Dark EVIL and have far too much power in our world.

What is Light and/or Right-Spin energy going to do about it?

I know this is going to sound way out there, but there is this concept called Hubris. When you set yourself up for a fall, it happens. Just as China set itself up for destruction by building the Three Gorges Dam (3GD), the Deep State set itself up for destruction by putting a “kill” switch in all of its operatives.

Not sure how it is going to be done; it does not really matter. Sometime soon, the Kill Switches will be turned on for all of the Implants. Suddenly, over the course of 30 days, 1000s of our Elites in Washington DC, Hollywood, Wall Street, and everywhere are going to start dying. This will happen in every country in the world, even in China. This will include the Implanted children. Is there going to be panic? Are they all going to be headed to a hospital to remove the Implants? Yes, but that was planned for.

This event is an integral part of the shift from Darkness to Light. Right-Spin energy is helping Light to get around to this a bit sooner. Just think, many of our rich, famous and powerful elites will not be around on Election Day.

Love, Light and Laughter,


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