The Tyants are being Punished

Russia (Putin) did not think the Invasion would take too long. Believe it or not, he sent his troops into Ukraine with three (3) days of supplies; food, fuel, and ammunition. That was a brain-dead plan. Putin never expected that the largely Russian population of Western Ukraine would rise up against Russian troops.

Even if the Russians waited longer, they did not have the logistics and resupply to send their forces with much more; it had to a be a Lightning War.  The Russians could not hope to win a war that lasted two weeks, let alone a month. This is not going to be a Forever War.

I’ll get a little weird here. We are in the midst of a huge energy shift. What if, the Universe has intervened and has the higher vibration people out of Russia and into Ukraine? After all, Ukraine is on a path to greater freedom in many areas; yes, it’s still massively corrupt, but that is a left-over from the Soviet days. The corruption will fade; it is no longer supported ANYWHERE.

Despite what Putin thought, Ukraine is a nation today, and its people are defending its Motherland. The resistance is massive and growing stronger. NATO/US has just provided another 1000 each of Stinger (air defense) and Javelin (antitank) missiles. The bogged-down Russian forces will be hit ferociously. And yes, they are already running out of food, fuel, and ammunition; they must conserve whatever they have for defense, not attack. The Ukrainians are using drone warfare very effectively against the Russians; against their tanks, airbases (even in Russia), and supply lines. Again, something new in warfare that is a force multiplier for Ukraine; the Russians do not know how to fight against these new weapons. They are quite stealthy, difficult to see, and difficult to shoot down; they also carry significant weapons. BTW, they are operating out of stretches of straight highway; not airbases. Yes, they fit under the overpasses and use them as hangers.

Putin never expected the Sanctions to be this bad. Russian people are lining up to take their money out of the banks; we may actually be having a bank run throughout Russia. What will happen in Belarus? In Kazakhstan? Will there be bank runs there as well? They are both using the Russian Ruble now but will be “dollarized” quickly. Russia as well. It is only the 5th day and massive protests have broken out in major Russian cities; the bank runs will not help.

Russia closed the pipeline into Ukraine which feeds Germany and much of Europe. Putin did this to punish Ukraine for its resistance but has really pissed off the Europeans. This has been such naked aggression that the Europeans are all waking up from their sleep; NATO has been revived. It will be interesting how the European organize their own defenses moving forward; not the EU, not Germany, and probably, not France. Who? The Baltic Defense Pact led by Poland/Sweden. Germany may have a minor supporting role.

Arden (another Tyrant) in New Zealand has been stopped by the courts. Trucking Trudeau has, suddenly, called off his Emergency Edicts; his support dropped off to very low levels. Putin is supposed to be talking to Zelensky; I think Zelensky will ask Putin to stand down his forces and surrender. Belarus is being asked to send its forces into Ukraine; Putin is that desperate. This Ukraine event is going to be a “Two for”; we get rid of Putin and Lukashenko in the same incredible situation.

When Putin threatened to attack Finland and Sweden, NATO deployed its 40,000 man Rapid Reaction Force to Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia. This is the very first time, this reaction force has been deployed by NATO. How long are the Europeans going to tolerate the continued existence of Kaliningrad – the Russian Enclave?

Everyone is still afraid of nuclear weapons. Did the Indians use them against the Chinese? Or the Chinese against the Indians, or Vietnamese? Has Pakistan used them against India? Has North Korea used them, even though they are starving? Stop being afraid, the Universe made the decision that we, Earth, was worth keeping; we are evolving into something better/greater. The Nukes were turned off and they will not be coming back. Yes, Russia and the USA still find it useful to use it for saber-rattling but how long has it been that anyone popped a big airburst mushroom cloud? I know, the treaties. BS, does Putin or Xi care at all about limits that their enemies try to impose on them. No. Not. Nyet.

Isn’t it odd that Nuclear Power Plants are also being turned off everywhere? Yes, they have issues, but carbon dioxide was not one of them. Yet, they are lumped in with coal and oil, and, less so, natural gas. Maybe a better replacement is coming; be sure, it is not wind and solar. They are nearly free, but not reliable. Their biggest issue is the gigantic upfront costs.

Everyone can see that Russia’s invasion is a catalyst for change. Not just the geopolitical shift, but the financial one as well. These tough sanctions may be the push that collapses the Euro and Wall Street. Bumbling Biden is a failure on so many levels that the Americans will have to/must do something; he cannot be allowed to continue his charade. Perhaps, the courts will overturn the 2020 and we will get Trump back. With revolution in the air, who knows what will happen in Canada, New Zealand, Australia, or, even, the United States. Yes, Russia, Belarus, China/CCP, and more are included.

The Tyrants have all exposed themSelves to the world. They actually thought that they could make their Tyranny permanent; they were trying to keep their dictatorial powers forever. That was the Great Reset being advocated by the World Economic Forum (WEF) and Davos.

We are watching the energy shifts play out. Our world is going through a massive set of systemic changes. We are becoming a New World, but one not ruled by the Elites.

Love, Light and Laughter,


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