Today, the Forces of Light Go on the Attack

Today is the first 14-day or Creation Day after the Reign of Light began. Go back and read the Home Page; 5, 14 and 23 are all single 14-days. Tomorrow, the 24th, is a double 14-day and the 25th is a triple 14-day.

So…We have three 14-days of increasing powre. What can a person strong-in-the-Light do with this? Simple, create an attack on Darkness. Cast a Spell attacking your Dark enemies, even if you do not know who they are, but especially, if you do.

The forces of Light are being released today and they will attack like fast-moving cavalry units driving Darkness away, but by-passing pockets of Dark resistance. Tomorrow, the lighter pockets of resistance will be attacked and on Monday, the hold-out pockets of Darkness will be over-whelmed.

OK. This is reading like some kind of novel; what do you mean by attacking Darkness? Darkness is the power behind the notion that fear, force and control rule the world. You know, if you do not do as I demand, I will lock you away. If you do not do as I want, I will point a gun at your head. After all, I have the power and I rule through the barrel of a gun. That is Darkness.  All of the Authority in our world is based on the Reign of Darkness.

The Reign of Darkness is over, but all of our Governments and Politicians and Judges and Courts and Bureaucrats are ALL overseeing us with and through Darkness. This is true in everyplace on Earth for now. Starting today, that power is being challenged by a new powre; one of increased freedom, increased truth/integrity, increased self-reliance and increased self-responsibility.

In the past, Light Beings were stomped on by Dark Beings and Darkness-in-General; Dark Beings got the success, the money, the fame and the sex.  Light Beings had to learn to keep their heads down or they would be stomped on.  We had to keep ourselves down-in-the-weeds to avoid attracting unwanted attention. We have spent our whole lives limiting ourselves to avoid being stomped on. The Dark Side of the Force was in-charge.

OK. That changed yesterday, but operationally, it changes today. Today, Light goes on the offensive and over the next three days, Darkness will be defeated; new rules will be put in place on how the Universe works. Lying will no longer be rewarded. Stealing will no longer be rewarded. Corruption will no longer be rewarded. These are all of Darkness.

All of the people strong-in-Darkness will be leaving (dying) shortly in what I call the Great Return or the Darkest-of-the-Dark programs. The Great Return is very random, but the Darkest is much more focused. Both of these programs have added power today and will get increased powre over the next three days.

Yes, Spirit realizes that you cannot make major changes to the way people think and act; that is how they have always done things. For a major shift to occur, you have to take a lot of players off the table; that is why most of the Strong Dark Beings will be leaving (dying) and being reborn on some other Dark Planet in the Universe. Unfortunately for them, that is about 90 percent of the Earth population.

Fear not, we will still have 100s of millions left to get on with our future, but they will all have a lot more Light in them than the current situation.

For the Pleiadians: This cleansing of the Human population will include a cleansing of the Reptilian-Primate genes. It will not be necessary to take drastic action of keep these beings from leaving Earth.

Love, Light and Laughter,



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