September is a Change Month

September is back-to-school month. It is the traditional end-of-Summer/Labor Day in the US. It is also the 9th month or Completion (numerologically).

I have written about the Great Return/Darkest-of-the-Dark and Great Reckoning programs; they are running, but not visible yet. The Chinese Economy Bubble is being bursted/pricked and 90 percent of the wealth in Asia will be gone overnight. All-of-a-sudden, there will not be enough money to make things, for jobs and, even, for food. Because there is no money, prices will fall to rock bottom; this will happen in Europe, Russia, Iran and the rest-of-the-world. The US will be impacted, but not as bad as the rest; the dollar will be the last currency standing (other than Bitcoin).

The US and the World have been printing money like crazy for the past six years; do we have any serious inflation? Yes, food prices have gone up and so has rent, but “officially” inflation is below 2 percent. What has been happening is called Deflation where the value of things is going down except the Stock Market Bubble.  When the Chinese Bubbles burst, the Stock Market Bubble will burst as well and we will all enter a new, Great Depression. That is the Great Reckoning program; it will transfer all of the wealth from Dark Beings to Light Beings over the next three years. Light Being, do not be too concerned, things will be getting better for you soon.

I was encouraged to read about the Muslim Terrorist on the Train-to-Paris, who fired one round out of his AK-47 before it misfired. It turns out that he was using brass shells that had already been fired (reloads) and, as Luck would have it, the firing pin hit the same spot where it had already hit and the second bullet did not fire.

This Dark Asshole has eight (8) magazines with 30 bullets each with him; he would have killed and killed. Readers of this blog know that there is no such thing as Luck or Accidents or Happenstance; everything is a SetUp. What are the odds that the firing pin would hit in the exact same place it had already struck that bullet casing? My Spirit Guide is telling me that Light intervened and prevented Darkness’s success.

This is happening everywhere, but at a low level that many of us do not notice. In September, we will begin to notice that Darkness is losing everywhere. Most of the $Billionaires will be losing their money, homes, islands, jets and wealth/power and it will start in September. Light is taking over!!!

Love, Light and Laughter,


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