Trigger Events are Here

In my last post, I provided the energy allocation shifts that are happening. On May 1st, Light and Right-Spin will each have 25% of the powre in our world. Darkness, only has 20% and could counter any uncoordinated moves against it by either Light or Right-Spin energies.

On May 1st, Wednesday, that will no longer be the case. Light and Right-Spin may take any actions against Darkness and they WILL. It is important to understand that Darkness has had the vast majority of power (80%) in our world for 1,000s of years; Darkness has made everything here in its image. All of our organizations and institutions are based on the use of fear, force and control. Even worse, we are starting to see (be awake) to the demands that Darkness made from his worshippers; lots of blood from children and innocents. The recent, seemingly senseless, attack on Christians and Tourists in Sri Lanka are an example; that was a sacrifice to Moloch. We are reading about our Elites being involved in Satanic Rituals and, it all makes sense; that is how they got their fame, fortune and power. That’s where the power was; in order to get it, you had to ask for it from Darkness/Moloch.

No longer the case. Now, the powre is in the hands of Light and Right-Spin and all of the achievements of Darkness will be tumbled, crumbled and scattered. There will be a Cleansing coming; the Dark stain/stench will be washed away in many ways. The Deep State, the Rothschild Banksters, the EU, the UN and the US GOVERNMENT are all being dismantled/cleansed now. But, these are very minor issues compared to what is coming.

Most places on Earth are neither places of Darkness or Light, but there are places that are sacred to both. California has become, increasingly, a place of Darkness. Same for Mexico (at least in part). What parts of the world have been under dictatorial, low-freedom, Communist rule for a long time? What parts of the world have been subjugated by Islam? The Home of Darkness/Moloch on Earth is in the Kaaba/Qu’Ba, a 6 ft x 6 ft x 6 ft cube of black obsidian in Mecca. This cube has hard, sharp lines and corners; it was supposed to have fallen to Earth, like that, as a meteorite. Moloch, is Darkness, and, is the secret name for both Allah and Jehovah; same God, different names. Moloch is the ancient God of Child Sacrifice; think Abraham and Isaac.

Places and structures and organizations that are sacred to Darkness will be cleansed. How is this done? Two ways, destruction by earthquake and/or volcano and washing it with the sea. This is what is about to happen to California and Mexico City. It will also happen to China, Indonesia, the Middle East and much of Africa.

The Trigger Events are the first of the coming Earth Changes. It will start in Northern California near San Francisco and travel to Los Angeles; this will be giant, never before felt, Earthquakes. This violence will move to and be felt in Mexico City, as well. Am talking about 12-14 on Richter Scale; not much left. Large parts of California will subside into the sea leaving islands where the Redwoods are, Santa Barbara and San Diego. All of Baja California will subside as well. This event will extend across the Caribbean to Montserrat, where the volcano will destroy the island. About the same time, Mount Vesuvius will have a major, distructive eruption near Naples, Italy.

When? In early May; perhaps in the next two weeks. Many have been warning of the “big one” that California is overdue for. It is this Darkness to Light energy shift that has happened. On May 15th, Light and Right-Spin will get to 30% each and by June 15th, it will be 40% each. All of this powre will be put into a cleansing of the Earth. There will be more, significant Earth Changes in June and July. By the end of Summer, 2019, the Earth will be a very different place.

With the subsidence of China, Indonesia/Philippines, much of the Middle East, much of Africa, the Amazon basin and Central America, there will be enough energy to drive a sudden expansion of the circumference of the Earth; it will go from 25,000 miles around to 40,000 miles around. There will also be a magnetic pole shift where the Earth will slow down, stop and begin rotating in the other direction; all in about 24 hours. Read about Joshua in the Old Testament; the Sun stopped in the sky for a day. We will change from rotating counter-clockwise (Left-Spin) to clockwise (Right-Spin) on both our axis and our orbit around the Sun. The Sun will rise in the West and set in the East. Lots of water will slosh around killing many millions. All this and a Mini-Ice Age as well; lots of cold, wild weather, floods, not enough rain and scarce food.

Is this the end of the world? No. There will be 300 million of us that survive. Our civilization and technologies will be stressed, but will come through stronger. The old ways and the old guard will be gone and replaced with something much better. For the first time in 10,000 years, fear will become a minor issue for most.

This is now, the Age of Aquarius. Light and Right-Spin have the powre; isn’t that wonderful? Women have the dominant energy and will be a large majority of the survivors; there may be as few as one male in twenty females. The world will, definitely, be changing.

Love, Light and Laughter,


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