Timing: What We have been Waiting for

In previous posts, I have written about 2018 being the transition year. By that, I mean the power allocation year. It began with both Light/Right-Spin and Dark/Left-Spin energies at zero. Both got 5% on the first and fifthteenth of each month; 10% in January, 10% in February and so on. Dark/Left-Spin energy got its allocation by the middle of February; 20%. Light/Right-Spin got its allocation by the middle of August: 80%. Then, everything went quiet until 2019.

In 2019, the allocations made in 2018 were powered up. Dark/Left-Spin energy got powered up first; it was the new, minority party. It got 10% in January and February for a total of 20%, but with working power to impact the world and all of us. Light/Right-Spin energy got 10% each, in March and April and will get 10% more, each, in May and June.

In the past, it was always about Dark(ness) and Light as two opposing forces from time immemorial. Now, there is this new additional, or third, force which I call Right-Spin. It was brought into our world (Galaxy, Local Universe, Multi-verse) as an ally of Light; Darkness had 80% of the power for the past 10,800 years. While, for now, it is an ally of Light, it is a true third force; think of it as Neutral. This is similar from going from drive to reverse in your car; you must go through neutral.

So…how does this Right-Spin, neutral force fit into the powering up of the allocations? After Darkness got its power, the other 80% is being split between the energies of Light and Right-Spin; 40% each. How this is being done is that each is getting 10% in March, April, Many and June. Both will have been powred up (power is Dark/powre is Light/RS) to their 40% by mid-June.

So… the new powre allocation for our world is 40% Light, 40% Right-Spin and 20% Dark(ness). There is a future, potential, allocation of power for Left-Spin, but that is 1,000s of years away, if ever. Now, we all know the attributes of Light; it drive Dark(ness) away. Darkness is, always, fear, force and control and, always, resists doing the Right thing. So, what is this new, third force; Right-Spin? It is more freedom, truth, integrity, self-reliance, self-responsibility and, always, doing the Right thing. That is a good fit for the attributes of Light which is why they are such natural allies.

How is this alliance going to work? Light will go after Dark(ness) in its traditional ways and shut down the gains Darkness has made in our religions; denial of women priests, pedophilia, child sacrificing (see Old Testament – Isaac ) and worshipping the Devil, Satan, Selling your Soul.

In all three of the Old Testament religions, Jewdeism, Christianity and Islam, the primary, hidden God being worshipped is Moloch, the ancient God of Child Sacrifice. Remember, Darkness has had 80% of the power in our world since before history (his-story). How did Darkness hand out its favors to those seeking fame, fortune and political powers? It demanded, and got, child sacrifice by those selling their souls.

Moloch is the secret name for Darkness. Moloch is, also, the secret name for Allah and Jehovah. The Black Obsidian Cube in Mecca is the home of Darkness (Moloch) on this planet. Moloch is pure Evil; he feeds off the energy of innocent children, women and men being offered to him.

What is Right-Spin going to go after? Corrupt man-made structures that are based on fear like governments, the Banksters, the Deep State, the Cabal, the New World Order, the United Nations or UN, the European Union or EU and all of their allies in the law courts/legal/police/prisons, media, business, medical/pharm, education, military and Global Warming/Eco-nonsense. We are moving quickly into a Mini-Ice-Age or Global Solar Minimum where the Polar reaches are getting very cold and, will, force mass movements of people looking for scarce food supplies. Most Scandinavians, Russians and Canadians will have to move south.

There is overlap in our religions. They are driven by Darkness and Light, but they are administered and used as control mechanisms by men. The Catholic Church is fully engaged in the worship of Moloch; every Cathedral in the world has an underground alter dedicated to Moloch where Satanic sacrifices are made (yes, children are raped, ritually killed and eaten). Every senior Churchman in the Catholic Church got there by sacrificing to Moloch; yes, the Pope, Cardinals, Archbishops, Bishops and below. If you are a homosexual, and, perhaps, like sex with children, the Church has been your home for centuries.

I have been very hard on the Elites of our world; they have been worshipping Moloch for thousands of years. This is how they were able to sell their souls; there always had to be a mechanism for the deal. You had to be TRULY EVIL to be able to make the compact.

What is happening that is exposing this Evil? See the re-allocation of powre, described above, that has been taking place in our world over the past two years. Humanity is going through a Great Awakening! Look for an acceleration of this exposure/awakening as we move into May and June and beyond. Justice and pain and retribution are coming, but not enough.

Love, Light and Laughter (when possible),


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