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All of us have our issues. It can be a dis-ease like diabetes or a skin condition like eczema, rosacea or acne or problems of the heart or money. We all tend to think about these many different problems as though they were two-dimensional like the word on the page. We go about our lives using physical treatments or approaches to solve these issues. It is not two-dimensional, but at least three.

Some of us are aware that these issues seem to be persistent and do not go away, whatever we do. Whenever this happens, it is logical to ask if something else is going on?

What do I mean by that? Is there an energetic component impacting the issue? Yes, in most cases, there is always an energetic component at play (in everything). We tend to not think about this energetic component, but it is there, staring us in the face.

So, what kinds of energetic components can be at play? The answer is multiple, but first we must settle something about these energies at work; they can come from within ourselves, and they can be external.

What do you mean by internal, do we do some of these things to ourselves? Yes, it is called “self-talk.” We talk to ourselves all the time and say positive and negative things like I am terrible with money, or I am always late, or I have weak lungs, or am susceptible to catching the flu. Others are I am a wiz at math or taxes or have a wonderful memory. This is how most of us program ourselves. After a while, these programs get strengthened by many repetitions. Next, there is Vow energy whether you are keeping it or not; that is a powerful programming tool that most of us do not think about.

Next are the limitations. After a while we all know where we are being limited and what those limitations are. We keep running up to them and being blocked. We wonder why I cannot be successful in this area/those areas? Some of these we are born with, but most have been imposed on us during this lifetime.

If you “search” on blocks and limitations on this site, you will find that I have written much about this topic over the years. I tend to address the bigger foe that I call Darkness. Other names for this foe are Demons and Spells. Please keep reading; demons and spells exist and are part of our everyday experience.

Most reading this are Right-Spinners and are very familiar with the concept of the Energy Vampire. This is the person who stands next to you or touches you and drains all or most of your energy. We all learn to identify these people and stay away from them. This is an example of Dark Energy at work in our world. Demons and Spells are equally real and used by Darkness. Search on Energy Vampires to find out how to stop them (in this site).

Just think, there are people who are so very “evil” and we wonder how they got that way? The answer is that they were very dark, worked at getting darker and were rewarded with demons to help them on their path. Think George Soros, Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden.

So. What I am saying here is that some of our issues have a demonic component. I know, I know – the world does not think like that anymore; we are in the 21st Century. But………………you have been a Light Warrior for most of your life. What does that mean? It means that you have been opposed to Darkness; you have been an enemy to Darkness. As an enemy, you have been attacked by Dark forces – Demons.

Alright. Let’s get back to the persistent issues that may seem like blocks. If doesn’t matter whether they are self-programmed internal blocks or imposed on you externally. All Blocks are held within the body.

What this means is that you can release the blocks once you know you have them and, you have the right tools. Everything I have written about tools before is still valid, but today, I am sharing the “Joker” tool. Actually, belay that, it is the “Trump” tool or switch.

Look at your hand from the top. Now look at the top of your wrist; it is an area about the size of a large coin three fingers width up from the crease in your wrist. This is also called the outer gate point and can be found between two tendons on the backside of the arm (Place three fingers from your other hand above your wrist).

We are not going to use acupressure or touch it in any way. We are going to use this Switch to allow energy to drain out of your body. How? Simple, turn your top wrist over (the top of your hand is pointing down) and lift the back of your hand (upward/backward). That is the release switch. It is like doing a push up with your hand on the floor.

Once you activate this switch, unwanted energy will flow out of the large coin area. You must keep lifting your palm for the switch to work; it is not a switch it on and it stays on type. What kind of energy? All kinds; your internal programming and any external impositions. It will even clear some limitations that you were born with. Yes, money, sex, health, youthfulness, strength, stamina, attracting the right (or wrong) mate, anger management, etc. But yes too, being positive, being on time, doing things promptly (not procrastinating) and allowing yourself to be successful.

So…what about the feet/legs? If there are issues there, can unwanted energy be released at the wrist? Yes, the right wrist controls the left leg /foot and the left wrist controls the right leg/foot.

You can drain unwanted energy by sitting in a chair with your legs crossed and leaning your elbow on your knee. Your writ is lower and you engage the switch by lifting the back of your hand up. You can also do this by laying on a bed and hanging your arm over the edge; again, lift the back of your hand up to engage the switch. The last position is the most awkward; lay in bed and put one or both elbows up with the wrist and hand tops pointing to/laying on your chest. You can drain from both wrists this way.

This is draining unwanted energy; do not be concerned about the energy re-entering your body. You can actually force Demons to leave and render Spells moot or ineffective.

Many of our dis-eases can be addressed as energy malfunctions; this and other kinds of negative energy can be released.

How does this work? The most important thing to remember is that IT is all based on INTENT. Whatever you intend to get rid of can be drained. Yes, you can drain more than one thing at a time, but start out doing one at a time.

When you feel that you have cleared unwanted energy, whatever it is, put a shield up using your energy to keep it from coming back. You can make your shields broad, but too broad is also, maybe, too weak.

Now, you have a very powerful tool to clear blockages and limitations whatever they may be. Enjoy!!!!!

Love, Light and Laughter,


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